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My Vape Defense Smart Sensors

My Vape Defence From VSP.

My Vape Defense Distributed By VSP.

My Vape Defense – My Vape Defense (MVD) is an Australian provider specialising in air quality, environment, and noise monitoring technology for schools, businesses, and public spaces distributed by VSP.

MVD’s state-of-the-art real-time monitoring platform tracks a range of environmental threats, beyond typical air-monitoring capabilities. With secure protected data, users can be confident of receiving the most accurate and effective solution on the market, safeguarding health needs as well as personal information.

When an MVD sensor detects vape, THC or noise exceeding thresholds, the smart sensor can instantly send an email or text to alert managers that vaping is occurring in unwanted areas. Detectors can be grouped together individually or in zones across multiple sites. They are easily and conveniently managed via a simple app, with all data securely held in Australian-based servers and accessible via the cloud.

My Vape Defense Distributed By VSP

To allow for secure and cost-effective installation, Vape Defense sensors can be hard-wired with low cost and flexible serial RS-485 cable in a daisy-chain bus network topology. Alternatively, if it is not easy or possible to get a cable back to the gateway, the detectors can be provided with 24V DC power and use LoRaWAN protocol to wirelessly communicate long distances back to the gateway.

In both scenarios, My Vape Defense’s smart detectors send data to an internet-connected gateway which is the bridge between the detector and the cloud. My Vape Defense detectors will alert if they go offline, but are also incredibly versatile, cannot be hacked into, and can be used in a wide range of environments such as toilets, classrooms, hotel rooms, offices, bars, clubs, prison, airports, and shopping centres.

“VSP and MVD are Australian owned and operated and are combining their expertise to develop and distribute solutions that address the growing concerns surrounding air quality and noise pollution,” said VSP’s Zaki Wazir.

“This partnership represents a shared commitment to providing the best possible solutions to customers. Both companies believe that by working together, they can help achieve a meaningful impact on the world around us.”

You can find out more about VSP here about MVD here and read more SEN news here.

“My Vape DefenSe DistRibuted By VSP.”

My Vape Defense
My Vape Defense Smart Sensors 2


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