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NetScape Co-Founder Launches Cloud-Based Building Management Solution

NETSCAPE co-founder and computer scientist Jim Clark has launched CommandScape, a cloud-based building enterprise management solution that will integrate video surveillance, security, lighting, air conditioning, access control, shade control, energy monitoring, home entertainment and multimedia, and other connected technologies. 

Importantly, CommandScape is designed to allow easy installation and commissioning for integrators who use the solution to integrate multiple sub systems on behalf of their clients. CommandScape Editor allows users to customize schedules, presets, automations and alerts based on each user’s personal preferences, as well as handling remote maintenance. 

“There has been limited building management innovation over the last several years and in turn, there remains a need for a highly secure and integrated control system suitable for commercial properties and large homes,” said Clark. “CommandScape solves that problem with the next generation of security and control that allows users to connect and manage their property though an intuitive application anywhere and anytime.”

CommandScape Controller
CommandScape is based on a customized floor plan represented on a simple and intuitive mobile interface. CommandScape Navigator app allows users to access and manage properties using the same highly secure certificate process invented by NetScape – device-based encryption, offering full management of access rights based on individual certificates. 

“It could be an enormous company… in a slow-moving market where technology is 15 years old, we have some grandiose plans,” the 73-year-old billionaire told USA Today about the startup venture he self-funded with $10 million.♦

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