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New Avigilon H5A Multisensor

New Avigilon H5A Multisensor From BGW Technologies.

New Avigilon H5A Multisensor From BGW Technologies.

New Avigilon H5A Multisensor – New Avigilon H5A Multisensor camera from BGW Technologies gives users the ability to monitor all angles of a site from a single camera.

Avigilon H5A Multisensor camera uses 3 or 4 sensors that automatically process data using next-generation video analytics, allowing increased object classification of object attributes to provide users the benefit of being able to detect more objects, faster and with greater accuracy in crowded scenes.

“It amazes me to think about how far camera technology has come, and with the H5A Multisensor range Avigilon is offering users a truly leading-edge solution,” said Peter Ha, BGW Technologies’ – Avigilon product manager.

“The Avigilon H5A Multisensor camera boasts 360-degree panoramic views with faster frame rates, delivering high-quality images, in the most challenging lighting situations. When you think about its ability to monitor what’s happening, you realise that 1 camera is doing the job of 3 to 4 traditional cameras with more advanced analytics capabilities,” said Ha.

“Further enhancing the camera’s capabilities, users are able to take advantage of a powerful solution when coupled with Avigilon Unity, their on-premise managed video security system.

New Avigilon H5A Multisensor 1.jpg LR
New Avigilon H5A Multisensor 3

New Avigilon H5A Multisensor

According to BGW Technologies executive general manager, Robert Meachem, thoughtful camera choice is never easy.

“And when it comes to choosing a camera solution with advanced technology like this, wading through specification sheets to make the right choice really can be overwhelming,” Meachem said.

“It’s important that the product is fit for purpose and that it will do what the client needs it to do – that’s a lot to ask with so much choice in the market. That’s why working with a distributor able to help cut through the noise is so important – knowing they are working to ensure you win the deal takes the relationship to a whole new level,” Meachem said.

“Remember the way it used to be when things were simple, when products weren’t so complicated and people were helpful… it’s hard to say exactly when the tipping point was, but somewhere along the line, technology got complicated and salespeople stepped back,” Meachem said.

“At BGW Technologies we pride ourselves on stepping forward, we understand the technology, we care, and you can depend on us – if you’d like to learn more about the H5A Multisensor cameras by Avigilon, or how BGW Technologies can help you with your next project, get in touch the team at your local BGW Technologies branch. We are always here to help.”

For more information about Avigilon H5A Multisensor and other Avigilon products contact BGW Technologies here – you can read more SEN news here.

New Avigilon H5A Multisensor Features:

  • 3MP, 5MP and 4K options
  • 3-4 Image Sensor Options
  • 30m integrated IR
  • 0.020 lux (F1.5) in color mode
  • 0.018 lux (F1.5) in mono mode
  • 0 lux with optional IR illuminator
  • 120dB WDR, 3DNR
  • Up to 58-106 degree angle of view
  • Surface mount dimensions 304 x 114mm deep
  • Camera module, bezel, IR ring and mount weigh 3.1-4kg
  • Aluminium and poly construction
  • IP67 against water and dust and IK10 against impact ratings.
  • “New Avigilon H5A Multisensor From BGW Technologies.”

“New Avigilon H5A Multisensor From BGW Technologies.”

Avigilon H5A Multisensor Camera 2.jpg LR
New Avigilon H5A Multisensor has 3 mounting options.


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