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New Security Distributor Opens in Western Australia


ACCESS Technology Group has opened a security distribution business in Western Australia, distributing Risco, Milesight and Fibaro, as well as a wide range of peripherals. According to general manager, Tim Kershaw, ATG is the combination of a group of companies, including Access Antennas, Access Security Distributors and the recently acquired Smart Home Group.

Parent company, Access Antennas, distributes mobile phone antennas, TV antenna and Satellite TV systems, 12V batteries and solar, commercial MATV, fibre optics and wireless technologies. Meanwhile, Access Security Distributors distributes Risco Security products, access control products, Milesight and is the Australian distributor of Kepler CCTV products. Smart Home Group is a home automation distributor, which handles Fibaro products, as well as a range of audio visual solutions.
“ATG managing director Hal McDonald developed Access Antennas from just 2 staff to a multi-million-dollar, communications, audio visual, and now security empire, that is dominating the WA market,” Kershaw said. “Recently, the company relocated to a new 1000sqm premises in central Perth within 4km of the CBD. They have 14 staff trained on a diverse range of communication and security products.
“ATG has one of the biggest and most diverse ranges of products in the Australian wholesale market, ranging from the manufacturing and distributing of antennas, data cabinets, cable, TV antennas, HDMI cables and extenders, wireless products, satellite TV, fibre equipment, modulators, solar panels, MATV hardware and many other products.    
“We are forever sourcing the latest technology all over the world and bringing the latest products to Australia before anyone else,” Kershaw said. “This year we are one of the first companies in Australia to supply lithium batteries to the industry with built-in BMS under $1000.
“We are also direct manufacturers of 12-volt solar panels meaning we can design off the grid CCTV systems using our batteries, wireless and battery products. We are known as a one-stop shop with everything from intercoms to MATV. We are able to tender big projects from A to Z having all the products in one location," he said. 

"With our own manufacturing facility next to Bosch facility in China, we are able to do a lot of our own branded equipment and save customers going through the   middle man passing the savings on to the end customer. This gives us the edge to produce a product to our own specification and the quality control we expect for market satisfaction."
According to managing director, Hal McDonald, once Kershaw started with ATG, the company launched its new security division, Access Security Distributors, to cater for the huge demand on wholesale trade that was coming through.
“We have since secured official distribution with Risco Security. Earlier this year the company bought out Smart Home Group, which gave us the addition of Australian, distributorship of the Fibaro home automation products and
Milesight CCTV,” said McDonald. “Tim’s years of experience and knowledge in the security industry and with the Risco brand has been the key to the instant success with the product.
“Alongside Risco, we are also distributing 3 major brands of CCTV products    and access control systems alongside the standard security-related products you expect to see, which include locking, exit devices, intercom systems, time attendance, biometrics, detection devices, etc.
Kershaw says Access Security Distributors is already having good success.
“We are growing daily, with the new Risco Prosys Plus commercial panel having just hit the market, this opens more new and exciting opportunities to offer the WA security industry, with a fresh new large intrusion panel ready to show competitors how it’s done,” Kershaw said.   
“The integration of Fibaro products with our Risco security systems, gives a complete full home solution to your security and home automation needs. We have a team of 14 staff, multiple tech support and sales people on hand to offer the support people need.” ♦

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