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Norman Delighted With Brisbane SecTech Camera Shootout

SECTECH Roadshow Camera Shootout's professional test target Norman says he was delighted with the way the shootout went in Brisbane. 

"After a couple of hiccups in previous cities, everything came together perfectly in Brisbane," Norman said. "As a professional observer what's obvious to me is that the shootout is now so big it really has to be grabbed by the scruff of the neck."

According to Norman, what he enjoyed most was the fact the 2-group format left time for more off-piste testing of the cameras on the jig.

"We've looked at backlight testing in every city but the WDR test in Brisbane was really off the hook," Norman said. "Reducing the directional lighting from the front really gave it to these cameras, producing the sorts of flare and ghosting operators usually only see late afternoon and early morning during autumn and winter in ANZ."

Norman said he was looking forward to Adelaide, this Thursday.

 "Adelaide is always a great show," he said. "It's probably the friendly, social atmosphere – everyone knows each other and there's a hunger for new product – we've got plenty this year, especially on the access control and alarm fronts."

According to Norman, he and Ronnie are also looking forward to continuing their degustation tour when they arrive in South Australia (pre-register here!). 

"It's a toss-up between the Star of Greece and the Sallopian Inn at this point," said Norman, licking his lips. "I prefer a view of the vineyards but Norman is talking up the Star of Greece – he says the coastline there reminds him of Gallipoli – and the seafood is pretty good, too." ♦

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