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Nx Witness Hikvision Ubiquiti

Nx Witness Hikvision Ubiquiti For Bundaberg Port Marina.

Nx Witness Hikvision Ubiquiti For Bundaberg Port Marina.

Nx Witness Hikvision Ubiquiti – Integrator Security Enterprises has installed a CCTV solution comprising Nx Witness, Hikvision and Ubiquiti, supplied by VSP, for Bundaberg Port Marina.

The 180-berth Bundaberg Port Marina is the southern gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and the World Heritage listed Fraser Island, one of Queensland’s most popular entry ports for cruising vessels and has the largest dry storage complex in Queensland.

Bundaberg Port Marina required a reliable wireless solution with low-light cameras and an easy-to-use VMS to manage security effectively. Its existing CCTV solution had not been able to give management the coverage they needed due to the expansion of the marina.

Nx Witness Hikvision Ubiquiti For Bundaberg Port Marina 2 LR
Nx Witness Hikvision Ubiquiti 5

Nx Witness Hikvision Ubiquiti

Marina management needed a new state-of-the-art security solution with more than 50 cameras to monitor the complex. Implementing the proven Nx Witness video management system enabled merging of all facets of video surveillance into 1 viewing location.

Nx Witness Hikvision Ubiquiti – When it came to cameras, Security Enterprises chose the versatile and cost effective Hikvision DS-2CD2T85G1-I5 8MP outdoor bullet camera with Darkfighter technology, which delivers clear images in low-light conditions to handle camera views around the marina berths.

The 4K AcuSense bullet features Hikvision’s Darkfighter technology and can deliver clear images in low lighting conditions, trigger its strobe light and alarm, or play customisable warnings when an event occurs.

Hikvision’s 4K AcuSense turret with Darkfighter technology, strobe light and audible warning, also provides excellent low-light performance, as well as clear images in strong back light due to 120 dB WDR technology. The inclusion of 2-way audio enhances real-time security and deep learning functions.

Nx Witness Hikvision Ubiquiti For Bundaberg Port Marina 5 LR
Nx Witness Hikvision Ubiquiti 6

To take advantage of the on-board Edge Analytics, Nx Witness can fully integrate with onboard AI to notify marina management of issues in real time. This intuitive VMS monitors people, objects, and occurrences in the area.

System operators can easily manage and monitor the area using key features such as the flexible grid interface, custom layouts, administration and live viewing in a single unified interface, forensic zoom windows and advanced PTZ controls.

The Nx Witness Video wall add-on allows the customer to view several pre-configured displays. This allows them to work seamlessly whilst still maintaining the views of the key areas like fuel pumps and blind spots from the marina control room.

Nx Witness, Hikvision, Ubiquiti
Nx Witness, Hikvision, Ubiquiti

On the network side, Ubiquiti wireless links have been installed on poles and on buildings in the areas that have the best line of sight to the marina control room. This allows for an uninterrupted connection and gives the cameras the best field of view. BPM are very happy with the Ubiquiti network, which offers the marina loads of potential for expansion.

Nx Witness Hikvision Ubiquiti Conclusion

Bundaberg Port Marina has been running its bespoke video surveillance solution for 6 months and in that time the system has been vital in successfully detecting a number of incidents that threatened boats and amenities, allowing a quick response.

Meanwhile, the Hikvision AI cameras have been fundamental in offering human detection, vehicle identification, and intruder detection. Working seamlessly with the Nx VMS, they have identified people, vehicles, and intruders in real-time.

You can learn more about integrator Security Enterprises here, find out about VSP here, or read more SEN news here.

“Nx Witness Hikvision Ubiquiti For Bundaberg Port Marina.”

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Nx Witness Hikvision Ubiquiti 7



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