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NZ Aviation Security Service Seeks 85,000 Access Card Solution

NEW Zealand’s Aviation Security Service is seeking a replacement for its airport identity card information system, which supports a database of 85,000 access cards annually.  

Each year the card system is used to produce approximately 15,000 permanent airport identity cards (AICs) for workers at security-designated airports in New Zealand and 70,000 temporary AICs for workers at those airports.
Avsec is open to considering how the new solution could make the invoicing of, and payment for, AICs more efficient. According to the RFP, there will need to be a way to collect the invoicing information to produce an invoice, the payment of which can be tracked and matched to the invoice number in Finance One.

Avsec was established in 1974 and its aviation security activities were expanded in 1977 to consist of 4 core programmes:

* Screening passengers and carry-on baggage
* Screening checked baggage; Airport access controls
* Screening of airport workers
* Managing the airport identity card system for restricted areas.

Avsec manages and issues airport identity cards, including, by delegation from the director of Civil Aviation, the government security check process. It also handles screening of airport workers with access to, and within, security enhanced areas. This function commenced on 31 March 2008.
Deadline for this RFP is 13 October 2017 at 5pm – contact Angela.VanDam@avsec.govt.nz for more information. ♦

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