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OPAL Pro Outdoor Dual Tech Motion Detector

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Satel OPAL Pro from Security Distributors Australia is an outdoor dual technology motion detector, which is ideally suited for use both outside of the protected building, and in the interiors where difficult or specific environmental conditions prevail (halls, shelters, sheds, etc).

The OPAL Pro detector incorporates dual technology motion detection: PIR and MW. It also uses active IR anti-masking (for indoor use). Therefore, the device has a certificate of compliance with the high security requirements specified in EN 50131 for Grade 3: the detector can be used to protect the interiors of medium to high risk premises, like banks, museums, jewellery stores, etc.

The dual technology, in conjunction with the algorithm of detector auto-tuning to the environmental conditions, provides high immunity to false alarms and hence stable operation in harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, sunshine and strong gusts of air. The device offers correct performance in a wide range of temperatures from -40°C to + 55°C, the ambient temperature changes being automatically compensated.


Detection angle of the OPAL Pro detector is as wide as 100 degrees and its range exceeds 15 m. The creep zone is also protected, so any intruder’s attempt to sneak by under the device to damage or remove it will be detected. Additionally, the detector software is designed so as to prevent false alarms from being triggered by the movement of small pets.

Additionally, the OPAL Pro detector is provided with a dusk sensor for OC output control, which enables it to be used also in alarm systems with home automation without having to install additional dusk detectors. The signal from the low-current output can be sent directly to the relay located in the electrical switchboard or to the home automation controller.

The detector can also work in conjunction with the KNX system via an INTEGRA family control panel. Thus, the OPAL Pro functionality makes possible simple and convenient control of roller shutters, building outdoor lighting, garage door or entrance gate etc., while the moment of operation can be selected with the precise sensitivity control.

What greatly facilitates the installer’s work is the function of remote change of the sensitivity of all detection circuits and dusk sensor with the OPT-1 keyfob, without having to re-open the detector enclosure many times to change the settings.


The device enclosure is made using 2-component injection moulding technology. The thus received splash-proof, IP54 rated design protects the OPAL Pro electronics against harmful atmospheric phenomena. In addition, the detector enclosure has high mechanical strength and is resistant to UV radiation. For additional protection of the device against atmospheric precipitation and fouling, you can install the HOOD C (white) or HOOD C GY (grey) protective cover on the detector enclosure.

The OPAL Pro detector design enables it to be mounted directly on a flat surface. If the detector is to be tilted vertically or horizontally, you should use the dedicated angle or ball type brackets from the BRACKET C set (white) or BRACKET C GY set (grey).

The OPAL Pro detectors are available in 2 colour versions: white (OPAL Pro) and gray (OPAL Pro GY).

Fact File: Features of the Opal Pro include:

* 2 detection circuits: PIR and microwave
* Active IR anti-masking for indoor applications
* Built-in dusk sensor to use the detector in automation systems
* Configuration of detection and dusk sensor sensitivity circuits using PCB buttons
* Built-in receiver of OPT-1 IR keyfob signal
* Remote configuration of detection and dusk sensor sensitivity circuits using OPT-1 keyfob without having to open detector enclosure
* Splash-proof polycarbonate enclosure, IP54 rated
* Tamper protection against opening and removal from mounting surface
* Digital temperature compensation for correct detector operation in temperature range from -40°C to +55°C
can be used in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, strong wind)
* High immunity to false alarms as a result of auto-tuning algorithm used
* Creep zone control
* Immunity to small pets (up to 20 kg)
* Low current consumption
* Can be installed directly on flat surface or by using dedicated brackets from BRACKET C set with angle type bracket: fixed 45° angle, ball type bracket: adjustable up to 60° vertically and up to 90° horizontally.

Distributor: Security Distributors Australia
Contact: 1300 882 101




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