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PIR Placement in Small Security Solutions

We have only 2 zones in a very small alarm system for PIRs and are wondering where you think would be the best location would be in a single-story domestic application.

A: Design of the home is going to dictate this to some extent, but we’d be looking at covering transit areas at right angles to the sensor. Spend a bit of time walking around and getting a sense of how the internal spaces flow, then cover the paths of flow.

This will vary between an open plan modern home or an older style home with bedrooms connected to living areas by a hall that also opens into a sitting room, but the principles of flow will be the same, no matter how bad that flow happens to be.

Basically, you’re going to forego covering primary areas such as the living room/hall/front door at the front of the home and the family room/backdoor at the rear of the home in exchange for detecting movement on the transit routes between as many areas as possible.

In some cases, a single angle of view will allow one PIR to cover almost every instance of movement in a single-story home – from bedrooms to kitchen, from living room to bathroom, from family room to kitchen, from kitchen to backyard, etc.

Look for areas of greatest wear in the carpet or the presence of protective rugs when hunting for high traffic areas.


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