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PowerStack Integrates Hanwha PNM-C7083RVD

PowerStack Integrates Hanwha PNM-C7083RVD Dual Lens Camera.

PowerStack Integrates Hanwha PNM-C7083RVD Dual Lens Camera.

PowerStack Integrates Hanwha PNM-C7083RVD – PowerStack’s 6.5-metre solar-powered utility pole has been integrated with a Hanwha Vision PNM-C7083RVD a multi directional, dual lens camera.

According to PowerStack distributor, GSA, this PNM-C7083RVD AI camera was recommended by GSA for installation in a remote application because it is equipped with person, face, vehicle and license plate recognition software.

The camera also captures attributes like vehicle type including cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles – making it an ideal choice for many applications.

This is a rugged camera featuring a pair of 2MP sensors with 3-6mm lenses, 25-metre IR, 120dB WDR, FIPS 140-2, micro SD card 512GB, IP66, NEMA4X, IK10, an operating temperature between -40 and 55C, PoE+, metal-shielded RJ-45, hard-coated dome bubble and loads more.

PowerStack Integrates Hanwha PNM-C7083RVD

Running off the grid, this solar-powered setup includes a 5-day solar battery inbuilt into the PowerStack solar pole, which can support lighting, cameras, network communications and more and there’s no need for trenching, cabling or utility approvals.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, PowerStack is based at Berkeley on Sydney’s south coast. The poles, which are made from recycled aluminium, have a 10-year warranty, and come Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled.

You can learn more about PowerStack and Hanwha from GSA here or check out more SEN news here.

Hanwha PNM-C7083RVD Features:

  • 2MP X 2 sensors
  • 3~6mm (2x) (107°~56.3°) motorized varifocal lens
  • Triple codec (H.265/H.264/MJPEG)
  • IR 25m, Day/Night, 120dB WDR
  • Object detection: Person/Face/Vehicle/License plate
  • IVA: Virtual line/Area, Enter/Exit, Loitering, direction, intrusion
  • Analytics: Defocus detection, motion detection, tampering, audio detection, sound classification, appear/disappear.

“PowerStack Integrates Hanwha PNM-C7083RVD Dual Lens Camera.”

PowerStack Integrates Hanwha PNM C7083RVD LR 2
PowerStack Integrates Hanwha PNM-C7083RVD 2


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