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Relocatable School Surveillance Cameras


Relocatable School Surveillance Cameras

Relocatable School Surveillance Cameras – Ipswich City Council is seeking the services of a suitably qualified partner for a managed services agreement to supply relocatable, wireless surveillance cameras for 3 years for the Ipswich City Council School Safe Program and other investigation monitoring programs.

The School Safe Program operates throughout the school calendar year. Planning takes place before the commencement of each school term regarding which parking zones the cameras will be monitoring at the selected schools.

Council’s Compliance Branch also undertakes investigations into breaches of local laws and or state legislation where the service provider may be requested to provide equipment to monitor vehicle and or pedestrian activity at other locations on an ad-hoc basis.

Generally, Council will monitor between 4 to 6 different schools per school term, often with more than 1 camera installed at each school. The cameras are installed to monitor traffic movement within bus and drop off zones, no stopping zones, footpath parking and road reserve areas in the vicinity of schools. Cameras will be required to record and provide high quality images and associated information to Council on a regular basis to ensure adherence to laws is maintained within School zones.

The cameras are operational 40 weeks per year and may be relocated during school holidays from one school to another school. The monitoring is switched off during school holiday periods when a camera is to remain at the same school for the next term.

The contract duration is anticipated to be for a period of 3 years to cover the school years of 2023, 2024 and 2025. Council may extend the contract for 2 additional 1-year extensions.

This tender closes on November 21 – you can find out more here.

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