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Rockhampton Regional Council Creates $A4.04 Million Smart City Solution

ROCKHAMPTON Regional Council has created a smart city solution in Rockhampton, integrating technologies like smart car parking spacing availability and timing, intelligent duress/evacuation integration through automated lighting strategies, people and object identification and tracking, immersive surveillance technology, high-speed public Wi-Fi and heat mapping analytics.

The creation of a RRC’s vision for a smart city solution was handled by Anderson Consulting Engineers, Pierce Engineering, and Stankey Electrics Contracting. These Rockhampton businesses designed, supplied and installed smart technology from suppliers, including Pelco by Schneider Electric.

Rockhampton CCTV.jpeg Crop

The hardware integrated in Rockhampton includes smart CCTV cameras, free public Wi-Fi, digital signage, smart light poles featuring LED lights and speakers, and smart parking sensors. The $4.04 million project combines state and local government funding.

"Implementing new technologies in the CBD is a key element of Rockhampton Regional Council's Smart Way Forward Strategy,” said Rockhampton Mayor, Margaret Strelow. “We understand the importance of having the right infrastructure in place to improve our lifestyle and make our region an attractive place to do business.” ♦


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