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Ryalex Security Installs Mobotix, RemoteGUARD at More Than 100 Anytime Gyms

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RYALEX Security has installed a MOBOTIX video surveillance solution at more than 100 Anytime Fitness Gyms across Australia. The solution combines MOBOTIX Cameras, RemoteGUARD video monitoring and the MOBOTIX MxMC video management system.

ANYTIME Fitness is a global 24-hour health and fitness club. Founded in 2002 in the United States, the gym chain now has in excess of 3,300 clubs in 26 countries. There are currently 489 Anytime Fitness Gyms in Australia, and each one must meet the global Anytime Fitness security standards. The biggest challenges to a 24-hour gym are ensuring the safety of patrons and property when the facility is unmanned, and preventing membership abuses, such as tailgating (when more than one member enters on a single card).

Anytime Fitness Australia was looking for a system which could offer more than just security when management approached Ryalex Security to develop a solution for its national chain of gyms. The Sydney-based company, which specialises in designing integrated security systems, has a network of highly-skilled contractors throughout Australia, which meant it was easily able to take on a project of this scope.

Entry camera

“When we initially suggested replacing their analogue system with an IP solution, Anytime Fitness was concerned it would be more costly,” says Robert Delauney of Ryalex Security. “However, we were able to show that preventing just 2 tailgates a week through the new system, combined with no longer having to pay staff to review hours of footage, would recoup the costs.”

MOBOTIX cameras were an obvious choice, thanks to their seamless integration with RemoteGUARD back to base monitoring software.

“We needed to develop a solution where the cameras and alarm events were on a platform which could also be used to communicate with emergency services, and to operate external devices, such as doors and lights,” Delauney says.

“Furthermore, the MOBOTIX 6MP technology means the cameras provide excellent image quality even in low light conditions.”

External Camera

Ryalex Security has developed a standardised solution for Anytime Fitness featuring MOBOTIX hemispheric outdoor cameras for entry and outdoor areas, and cameras from the MOBOTIX indoor range to cover interiors, plus a MOBOTIX MX-232-IO interface box to allow integration with external devices. The indoor range, which comes with all the same MOBOTIX advanced imaging components and software features as the outdoor cameras, offers great value for money, helping to keep costs down. The solution is programmed in-house at Ryalex, simplifying installation on site, so it can be up and running in under 3 days.

There are duress alarms located throughout the premises, as well as portable ones which can be worn. If a duress alarm is pressed, the monitoring centre is immediately alerted. An operator will then assess and manage the situation by viewing live footage of the incident area, and contact emergency services if required. Using the 2-way audio capability of all MOBOTIX cameras, they can communicate with people on site, automatically muting the gym’s music system, and they also can control external devices, such as doors. This visual verification of alarm events provided via the monitoring centre was also a pre-requisite in order to allow over-16s to join the gym.

One of the biggest sources of income loss for a 24-hour gym is non-members using the facilities without paying. Until now, the only way to monitor tailgating and catch perpetrators was through manually reviewing camera footage. Ryalex Security integrated an anti-tailgating system into the overall solution. If an additional person enters on a single card, the door buzzes to alert that tailgating has been detected, with an optional voice message to inform the perpetrators that the event has been tracked. The image from the tailgating event is emailed from the camera to management, which can view all tailgating events at any time via the MOBOTIX VMS MxMC(MxManagementCentre).

Internal Hemispheric Camera

MOBOTIX cameras offer high image quality and intelligent, easy to use video-management tools, making them an effective tool to prevent vandalism and theft from occurring.

“A serial offender who had stolen personal belongings at several different gyms was reprimanded thanks to the quality of the MOBOTIX footage,” Delauney explains. “Once we were able to get a crystal-clear image of the offender’s face, he was then caught at the next club he visited.”

Equally, recordings have been used to ensure that members are respectful to one another. Members who repeatedly track mud through the gym, or never wipe sweat from equipment, can be identified via the footage and reminded of the gym rules.

The Ryalex Security solution has supported Anytime Fitness to reach its goal of providing members with a convenient, safe and welcoming environment to train in 24 hours a day. It has saved the gyms time and money thanks to effective anti-tailgating measures, which no longer cost staff hours of their time.

“The quality of the Ryalex camera system is exceptional – we were able to easily identify a suspected thief in our club and provide high quality close up images to the police,” says Sandi Reay from Anytime Fitness Bondi Junction. “Getting tailgates emailed directly to the club has saved our team hours, freeing them up to spend more time with members and on income-generating activities. Best decision to use them.”


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