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Scenes from SecTech Adelaide – You’re Next, Melbourne!

SECTECH Roadshow and Camera Shootout hit Adelaide yesterday, giving visitors a chance to see some of the best electronic security solutions available today from all our roadies, as well as take a look at SecTech's huge camera shootout, which takes a look at the performance of 3 IP camera groups in a range of lighting conditions. 

SecTech Roadshow arrives in Melbourne tomorrow and we look forward to seeing all you Melbourne folks at the Melbourne Park Function Centre – Batman Avenue, Melbourne, tomorrow, Wednesday May 11, between 12-6pm! Anyone who has not registered for Melbourne can score free parking at the venue by clicking here! Sydney people can register here and Brisbane people here

SecTech Roadshow is a compact and highly focused travelling exhibition that brings the industry's leading manufacturers and distributors to every state capital on mainland Australia – don't miss it! 

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