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Savvy SDC Secures SCI Fleet

SDC Secures SCI Fleet – Security integrator SDC has secured a network of car dealerships, service centres and spare parts stockists across Queensland with a Dahua, Hanwha CCTV system supplied by GSA.

Prior to the upgrade SCI Fleet’s existing systems, while......

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SDC Secures SCI Fleet

SDC Secures SCI Fleet Across Queensland.

SDC Secures SCI Fleet – Security integrator SDC has secured a network of car dealerships, service centres and spare parts stockists across Queensland with a Dahua, Hanwha CCTV system supplied by GSA.

Prior to the upgrade SCI Fleet’s existing systems, while functional, were site-based and relied upon multiple recorders at each site, some of which were being supplied video feeds from old and outdated analogue cameras.

With the business owners requiring a commercial-grade security and video verification system that could be accessed remotely by their in-house security and operations teams, SCI realised its existing security network would need to be overhauled.

Owner and operator of SDC Solutions, Gavin Sayers, who is the security integrator of choice for SCI Fleet, was contacted to design and quote a multi-site security solution that would increase visibility and traceability of site operations while safeguarding staff and stock alike.

SDC Secures SCI Fleet – Sayers met with GSA to discuss the project’s requirements and to help design a system that would meet the end user’s needs. Key areas of focus for the design included a closed security network and configurable user access that could be assigned to staff members by the in-house security team. Meanwhile, management and security operators needed to be able to access every system from a central location.

“The team at GSA were great,” explains Sayers. “They proposed a few different solutions and were able to discuss the technical performance of each with us and the end user.”

To assist in designing the system to the business’ specifications, GSA worked with SDC Solutions to provide product demonstrations and workshops for the customer and their security and operations teams to ensure that the solution met each of their requirements while remaining easy to use on a regular basis.

“The product demonstrations gave us the opportunity to really iron out the specification and make sure that the end user understood exactly what the system was capable of,” said GSA’s Sam Yatim, national business development manager and project lead.

“It also allowed the end user to decide what was a nice to have feature and what was a critical feature – during the demonstrations, they could see how each element of the security solution worked with the rest of the system.”

With the workshops revealing that ease of playback was a critical feature, SCI Fleet also identified that AI features, while beneficial to their operations, were not a core requirement in the first phase of the security system rollout.

SDC Secures SCI Fleet Solutions

Handling external surveillance for SCI Fleet are Dahua 8MP IR DH-IPC-HFW3866EP-AS-AUS fixed focal length bullet cameras in outdoor areas. According to Yatim, these cameras were selected to provide greater flexibility in mounting options and locations while providing a crisp image.

“With its wide-angle viewing, these fixed lens cameras were an ideal choice for surveying large areas such as the car sales yard and parking areas,” Yatim says.

“Capturing more square meterage with one device, their use in the project expanded visibility across the 5 locations.”

For internal applications, the Dahua 8MP IR fixed focal length turret dome DW3866EMP-S-AUS was deployed.

“These turret cameras were selected for their excellent low luminance performance and high-definition imagery,” says Yatim. “With their non-intrusive profile, they were easily mounted to ceilings to capture clear detail with minimal intrusion into the room.

“Able to capture wide angles like their bullet counterparts, the cameras are utilised in large areas such as showrooms, service centres and inside the business’ spare parts warehouse, significantly expanding the visibility of the network.”

Dahua’s 8MP 2.7-13.5mm varifocal IR turret DH-IPCHDW3866TP-ZS-AUS was selected for points of ingress and egress such as gateways and access points.

“Their ability to zoom in on key features and provide close monitoring of staff and customers entering and exiting areas while still capturing details of the overall facility adds to the security of building and assists the operations team in being able to pinpoint people of interest and their entrance and exit from areas,” Yatim says.

Verge Threshold V350 servers with Dell next day business support had local storage and the performance and capacity to meet the internal security team’s redundancy requirements. Verge V350 servers were implemented at each physical location within SCI’s business network.

Commercial grade and offering greater search functionality than traditional network video recorders (NVRs), this server set-up provided the end user the ability to easily search for and verify the security of vehicles, as well as to track operations and search events and alarms.

Backed by Dell next business day support, the reliability of the system was reinforced, assuring the end user that in the event of an issue, rectifications and repairs would be implemented quickly.

GSA selected WISENET WAVE 5.1 licences to enable all camera feeds and locations to be seamlessly viewed in a single customisable screen, this lightweight software is powerful enough to manage

Hanwha Grows Australian Team

multiple camera feeds, without being processor intensive. Being user-friendly and easy to operate for the business owners, their security staff and the operations team, WAVE met a core requirement of the system’s design and usability.

WAVE was also selected for its ability to integrate meta data from cameras and accept video feeds from existing hardware within each of the location’s camera networks, enabling the retention of pre-existing IP network cameras, as it is brand agnostic. Rounding out the hardware requirements on the network side are D-Links switches and Dahua cable.

“With Wisenet’s WAVE 5.1 remote authorisation for user access and LDAP capability, the security team are now ability to grant and restrict user access for individual staff members remotely,” Yatim says.

“This reduces the need for their security and IT staff to travel between locations when staff are entering and exiting roles with the business.

“This added functionality also ensures that user access can be granted and restricted per camera. This ensures that approved personnel only have access to their allocated department’s security camera feeds and depending on the needs of the location at any given time or day, staff specific access can be adjusted to suit.

SDC Secures SCI Fleet Pre-Commissioning

“In addition to the supply of the equipment and components from GSA, SDC made use of our complementary pre-commissioning services which saved them a significant number of man hours which would otherwise be spent on site commissioning the system.”

SDC Secures SCI Fleet – As part of this service, GSA inspected, IP named and commissioned all cameras and accompanying Verge servers with user login credentials prior to shipping. This process ensured that Sayers and his team could plug and play the solution shortly after physical installation.

To assist with multi-site deployment and the prompt resolution of any technical issues, SDC Solutions’ team worked directly with GSA’s Technical Support Team to remotely access the system and verify the setup was correctly configured and resolve any issues.

Gavin says the local tech support SDC receives from GSA is a huge benefit.

“GSA’s tech support is amazing – It certainly makes my job easier knowing I have that support on hand if I need it,” Sayers says.

“I know the guys are only a phone call away if anything goes wrong or isn’t working – that support provided meant that any identified issues were resolved with minimal impact to deployment timelines.”

You can find out more about SDC here, learn about GSA here or read more SEN news here.

“SDC Secures SCI Fleet Across Queensland.”



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