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SecTech Shootout Bigger Than Ben Hur – You’re Next Adelaide!

SECTECH Roadshow's big camera shootout, which incorporated 24 cameras in 3 groups was a processor frying production that gave visitors a chance to see the best cameras in the business up against each other.

Click here to register for Adelaide this coming Monday and here to register for Melbourne on Wednesday!

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As well as letting us see the differences in outright performance, we also saw 1080p and 4K cameras displayed side by side in the same challenging conditions allowing us to get a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of each technology. There's no doubt, 4K and 5MP plus cameras are better in low light than 12 months ago. 

We took a close look at compact entry domes, which offer big angles of view at the cost of some sharpness and were able to compare digital zooms of different camera groups against each other. SecTech Shootout was revealing in many ways – there's nothing like objective testing to give a clearer idea of performance. 

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Even with pre-commissioning of some cameras in Sydney, there was plenty of hard work required in Perth to get the test platform configured. There'll be some more tweaking before Adelaide, too, in order to further level the playing field by polishing integration of some cameras with the VMS and adjusting the position of our directional lamps, which on the enormous test jig, introduced areas of flare where it wasn't wanted. 

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Make sure you come along on Monday, Adelaide people – this shootout really is a special event. ♦

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