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Security and Government Expo: CCTV Expert Questions Admissibility of Very Wide Angle Cameras

CCTV Expert Norman has expressed concern over the admissibility of very wide angle cameras of the sort visitors will see at the Wide Angle Camera Shootout at Security and Government Expo (register here!) in Canberra this Thursday, November 3. 

Professional CCTV test target Norman, who spent last week at the Scentre Group National CCTV Camera Shootout at Westfield Bondi Junction, believes barrel distortion is a key factor in achieving the most accurate representations of his own appearance. 

“Wide angle cameras are great,” Norman said. “But end users and integrators need to be sure they are fit for purpose and don’t distort subjects to such an extent they can’t recognise themselves."

According to Norman, the only way end users, integrators and consultants can be certain of performance is to take a look at the available options in a range of challenging conditions.

“It’s all very well to have globular levels of barrel distortion in good light,” Norman said. “You can probably all tell that this hideous photograph is me. But when light levels fall, shutter speeds drop and noise and blur intrude into a scene, my bizarrely swollen face is going to be difficult for investigators to piece together.

"Visitors should register here and take a look at the shootout ät the Realm Hotel this Thursday, November 3 – the shootout will really broaden their outlook on CCTV applications. Will hemispherics prove better than multi-head cameras in public surveillance applications? Let's wait and see…"

Norman said he was looking forward to his first visit to Canberra and could hardly wait to visit Parliament House. 

“It’s going to be a thrill to visit the seat of the nation’s democracy,” Norman said. “And I just want to assure the Parliament House security team that I’ll be leaving my light sabre at home.” ♦

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