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Security Electronics & Networks Magazine Publishes 400th Print Issue

Security Electronics & Networks Magazine publishes its 400th print issue this month. The magazine has now been published continuously for 37 years, initially as Security Australia Magazine, then incorporated into Security Electronics Magazine back in the year 2000.

While SEN published its first issue in October 1998, our editor started out with Security Australia in August 1991, and much to his surprise finds he has written and published 297 consecutive monthly security magazines over 27 years. Meanwhile, SEN’s national advertising manager, Monique Keatinge, started with Security Australia in February 1994 before co-founding Security Electronics Magazine in 1998, and has 264 print issues under her belt.

There’s big recognition due to Security Australia’s founder, Hans Laroo, who launched Australia’s first security industry magazine way back in May 1981, as well as to former Security Australia editor, Rod Cowan, who contributed close to 50 issues in the late 1980s and early 1990s, engaging with key industry issues in a way not equalled since.

Many thanks to our regular readers and contributors, as well as to our advertisers, some of which have been partnering with us for decades. Publishing has devolved into a splintered business – we reach the market every way we can. But when drowning in a river of digital noise, print remains the quiet channel.




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