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Don’t Miss Latest Security Technology at SAGE 2018!

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SAGE 2018 at the Realm Hotel in Canberra November 12 will give security managers, integrators and consultants in the ACT a chance to see some of the latest electronic security technologies in their home town.

WHEN it comes to cutting edge security technologies likely to whet the appetites of government security people at SAGE, there’s plenty to choose from. We’ll see security management solutions, analytics, drones, robotics, thermal imaging systems, smart and affordable electrical locking systems, vehicle mitigation solutions and plenty more.

AVA Group will be showing the latest systems from its brands, Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) and BQT Solutions. FFT makes fibre optics intrusion detection solutions, while BQT makes high security cards and readers, locking systems and peripherals.

When it comes to VMS, Milestone Systems will be showing its latest video platform video management software designed to ensure safety, protect assets and increase business efficiency. Milestone enables an open platform community that drives collaboration and innovation in the development and use of network video technology. Meanwhile, Saab will show net-centric security solutions developed and supported in Australia. Saab systems are designed to safeguard critical infrastructure, expedite emergency response and recovery, drastically improve emergency communication, and streamline secure operations.


At SAGE, Gallagher will show its latest fully integrated electronic access control, intruder alarms management and perimeter security through scalable integration platform, Gallagher Command Centre. Ideal for many government applications, Gallagher’s security solutions include networked (software controlled) and stand-alone perimeter security electric fencing, no-feel sensor technologies and integrations with third party technologies.

Another leader on the management side, Geutebruck has will show hardware and software solutions favoured by government users for high performance, redundancy, reliability and backward capability. Geutebruck Australia has provided component level support, system engineering and servicing for the entire range for decades.

DSC9331.jpg MR

Inner Range will be showcasing its high-security Infiniti Class 5 platform. The Class 5 platform consists of a suite of products which, together provide all the elements necessary to meet the stringent requirements set out by the AS/NZS 2201.1:2007 Class 5 standard. Class 5 is the highest risk profile classification defined within this standard.

The modular design of Inner Range’s Class 5 system provides scope for expansion while also boasting a hybrid architecture. The hybrid architecture supports both high-security Class 5 zones and lower-security areas at the same facility at the same time.

Honeywell’s integrated technology solutions are designed to help customers be safer, more secure, productive, energy efficient and competitive, whilst improving comfort conditions and compliance with new legislation. Honeywell offers advanced and complex security solutions in the areas of perimeter security, intrusion detection, access control and CCTV.

Mx BildnebenText 930x550 Cactus

MOBOTIX with its Cactus Concept technology will show government security people what it says is an uncompromising level of cybersecurity protection, recently certified by market-leading German penetration testing experts, SySS GmbH. On display will be MOBOTIX intelligent IP camera technology which can be integrated into workflows to create systems which adhere to stringent procedural requirements. MOBOTIX IoT and thermal cameras, the non-decentralized MOBOTIX MOVE cameras, and third-party ONVIF-S cameras can easily be integrated to create versatile and cost-effective hybrid solutions. You can also find out about the upcoming release of the latest version of the MOBOTIX VMS, MxMC 2.0.

Sektor, the ANZ distributor of FLIR Systems security products will bring its specialist knowledge of multispectral imaging, analytics to SAGE. Its solutions include wide area surveillance and enterprise IP video solutions designed for mission critical environments. Sektor will show cryogenically cooled thermal cameras for long range surveillance 20km+, uncooled thermal cameras for general security applications, perimeter intrusion detection analytics, enterprise VMS and IP cameras for large scale deployments, mil-spec ground surveillance radar and tracking solutions and tactical body worn video solutions.


Panasonic Video Insight Version 7 will be on show, delivering enhanced performance, unlimited scalability and customisable functionalities to tackle issues faced in city surveillance. VI7 has been redesigned to provide maximum video surveillance coverage across the city in a cost-effective manner. VI7 is plug-in ready and has additional capabilities such as vehicle incident detection, license plate and facial recognition, which can be installed and managed on VI MonitorPlus. While VI7 supports all Panasonic iPro Extreme cameras, as part of its commitment to an open platform, Panasonic says VI7 offers the most comprehensive support for H.265-enabled cameras on the market.

Runway panomera

C.R. Kennedy will be showing a range of products from entry level to high-end. The range includes Dallmeier and Uniview surveillance solutions, DroneTracker and plenty more. CRk will show a UNV enterprise level PTZ, a DJI Aeroscope drone detection system and Matrice drone with thermal imaging, Reveal body-worn cameras and the Dallmeier Panomera multi sensor camera system. C.R. Kennedy’s Dallmeier solutions are proven and cutting-edge, having been installed in some of the most demanding surveillance applications on the planet. Panomera is changing the nature of video surveillance in applications from airports to sports grounds.

Meanwhile, EnviroCam will be showing its concealed surveillance technology for remote surveillance, asset security, intrusion detection and other evidence and intelligence-gathering activities. EnviroCam is a leading distributor and integrator for government agencies and select other organisation and excels in live-streaming and static surveillance equipment, independent of power and communication lines. EnviroCam solutions are designed to be easily deployable, to handle harsh environments and are engineered for low power consumption and long field life.

CIC Technology’s solutions empower customers to regain control over their keys and ultimately reduce the risk of theft, loss, downtime, security breaches and the cost of re-keying which can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s a 24-hour solution that allows for centralized control and administration but decentralized and strategic placement of assets. And Chase Security will show the latest products from PCSC, Keri Systems, STid, Allegion, INS Global, SafeTrust and Access Smart covering access control, cards and readers, identity theft protection and biometrics.


Something else to get a look at is EKA CyberLock, a key-centric access control system that converts existing mechanical locks to an access control system by replacing the existing mechanical cylinder without the requirement for power or wiring. The system can fit into doors, cabinets, racks and padlocks and is perfect for securing remote assets. With full audit logs, user access rights, and custom reporting, EKA CyberLock gives access control over when securing assets.

LSC will show the Creone KeyBox range at SAGE 2018 – Creone is a solution for management of valuables and keys. You’ll also see LSC’s popular STI safety products and hard-wired access control systems, including the new range of MicroLatch products. EVVA will show 3KS and 4KS maximum security master key systems that are capable of up to 133 billion possible lock combinations and ideal for high security government applications. 3KS has SL3 rated cylinders, with 4KS the next generation currently being assessed. 4KS has many security improvements on 3KS and is patented to 2035. At SAGE 2018 FSH will show a range of energy saving high security electromagnetic locking devices, which assist in reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint by lowering current draw by up to 80 per cent.

Traka Oceania will show Traka – ASSA ABLOY, an enterprise range of electronic key and locker systems which control who can access to personal and professional items. Traka automatically records the transaction activity by date and time on both the cabinet and on the support software. Traka’s containers come in a range of 10 items to the largest that will hold more than 500 items. HID Global will show solutions for physical access control; IT security, including strong authentication and credential management; card personalisation; visitor management; government ID; and identification technologies for animal ID and industry and logistics applications.

Axis Q6125 LE

Among other speciality video surveillance solutions, AXIS is bringing its new AXIS Q6125-LE high-speed PTZ with optimized IR to SAGE 2018. This camera offers discreet and unobtrusive surveillance and has a dome design that conceals the direction of the lens, and its integrated, automatically adaptable IR LED illumination enables surveillance in total darkness (up to 200 m (656 ft) or more depending on the scene). The camera provides full scene fidelity and sharp images both above and below the horizon thanks to Sharpdome technology. Meanwhile, the speed dry function removes water drips from the dome, for clear images in rainy weather.

Meanwhile, Sunell is dedicated to development and innovation of intelligent video products and solutions across a full range of CCTV product lines and will bring a selection of its gear to SAGE.

Perimeter Systems Australia will show the latest version of its perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) solution designed for critical infrastructure. Perimeter Systems Australia has supplied solutions for major critical sectors including corrective services in all states, Department of Defence, data centres, power and sub-stations, oil and gas storage facilities, water infrastructure and rail stabling yards.


Protective Barriers Australia is the Australian supplier of the Mifram, Modular Vehicle Barrier (MVB) range, which is crash-tested and proven to stop cars, vans and trucks for the security and protection of people and physical assets. Supplied in flexible and modular lengths, it’s highly portable and easily moved in and out of position so it can be installed to create a barrier for various road widths and situations, on variable terrain and in all-weather conditions.

OzTime Technologies is Australia’s leading supplier of high security bollards including automatic retractable, manual retractable and removable bollards in standard or crash rated variants. Meanwhile, Gunnebo will show solutions for hostile vehicle mitigation, bullet resistant doors, windows and partitions, entrance security, cash handling and safes and vaults, along with a full range of services to help government security people manage their security systems and extend the lifecycle of their security products.

DSC9860 M

At SAGE, Ezi Security Systems will show some of its premium range of metal and electronic perimeter security products for vehicle and pedestrian control. Ezi has an extensive range of AVB and HVB Crash Certified products such as TruckStopper, the renowned shallow mount PAS68 wedge, crash boom gates and crash rated static and automatic bollards.

Smiths Detection, which manufactures sensors that detect and identify explosives, weapons, chemical agents, nuclear and radioactive material, narcotics and contraband, will show its latest solutions at SAGE designed for applications like transportation, ports and borders, critical infrastructure, military and emergency response. And SRA Solutions will show its defence-ready racks, SCEC cabinets and enclosures.


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