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Singapore Installs CCTV in Town Centres and Walkways

IN a move to enhance security, Singapore will install surveillance cameras in public areas like town centers and walkways. To be installed in the second half of this year, the cameras will include those with pan-tilt-zoom functions and 360-degree view, according to a report by the Straits Times

Called Polcam 2.0, the initiative aims to have cameras in all key public places by 2020. Jurong Gateway, Bedok Town Center and Ang Mo Kio Town Center will be the first 3 locations to get new cameras. Polcam 2.0 follows Polcam 1.0 that installed cameras at 10,000 housing board blocks and multistory car parks, beginning 2012. 

"That has helped the police solve crimes and has given greater confidence to the public," the country’s Minister for Home Affairs and Law K. Shanmugam said. "Police will need new ways to analyze all the bits of data and video footage that is going to be taken. 

"It is not possible to do this manually, so they are developing and refining video analytics capabilities to automate the analysis of Polcam footage. This will highlight incidents of interest to our officers who can then look at it."

The report said security for buildings and premises will be boosted to deter crime and improve police’s situational awareness while private entities would be encouraged to adopt video surveillance standards. ♦


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