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Sony Team Moves Into Bosch Security Systems Head Office

STEVE Charles reports the Sony team is delighted to have moved into the Bosch Security Systems head office in Sydney, yesterday, February 1. 

The move comes after Bosch Security Systems and Sony Corporation signed a contract to establish a business partnership to collaborate in the development of innovative products and solutions in the field of video security applications. 

The idea is to combine their technological expertise to set new standards in high-resolution and low light video imaging. As part of the agreed partnership, Sony’s video security customers in all markets except Japan will be served and supported by the sales and marketing organization of Bosch Security Systems. The partnership is subject to approval by antitrust authorities.

Within the scope of the partnership, Sony will bring its leading expertise in video image quality and performance, while Bosch will add an extensive set of robust video analytics at the edge to interpret data as well as innovative technologies to achieve highly efficient bitrates and minimum storage requirements. 

Sony's video security customers will be served and supported by a dedicated sales and marketing team within the Bosch Security Systems organization, offering customer support, after-sales service and training in different languages in more than 50 countries worldwide. Sony will continue to develop and manufacture its video security products under its brand. ♦

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