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Standards Australia Hosts International IP CCTV Workgroup

STANDARDS Australia has hosted an IP CCTV workgroup, with high level delegates from Germany, US, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Korea, China and Japan in attendance.

“Last week was a very productive and special week for the Australian Standards on IP CCTV. Many delegates from all round the world gathered in Sydney for the IEC Technical Committee 79 (TC-79) annual meeting, held for the first time in Sydney, Australia,” said Vlado Damjanovksi. 

“Standards Australia was the host and the meetings were held in their offices on Bridge Street. Three separate workgroups (WG11, WG12 and WG13) worked on various new documents, revised existing ones and started initiatives for new ones. WG11 is in charge of Access Control systems, WG12 works on IP CCTV (now renamed to IP VSS) and WG13 works on Building Intercom Systems. 

“An important outcome for the IP VSS (WG12) was the finalisation of the 62676-5 new standard for IP Camera Measurements, revision of the 62676-2, which contains ONVIF protocols, and a new document 62676-6 for Video Content Analytics was started. 

“Members of various national standards were present, including Germany, US, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Korea, China and Japan,” Damjanovski said. “It is very encouraging to see the largest delegation being from China and Korea, very actively participating in all discussions and new initiatives. I urge all experts, consultants and integrators to pay notice to the suite of 62676 standards and start using them.” ♦


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