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Sylo Planning to Roll Out Cortex Smart City Appliance in Adelaide


SYLO is in talks with a number of councils in Adelaide and plans to roll out its Cortex smart city appliance within 6 weeks.  

Cortex combines more than 20 public services including phone, payment system to top up public travel and library cards, streaming news service and air and traffic monitoring and public information, all from a single appliance, while facilitating a revenue stream for users via to advertising.

Hartmann told the Adelaide Advertiser he was interested in manufacturing the Cortex units in Adelaide.

“SA has a lot of incentives for us to do so,” he said. “Adelaide has a problem with people being out of work, especially with the (recently closed) Holden plant. Cortex is a vehicle without wheels, it has a lot of vehicle components. The skill set and timing of it works well.” 

Sylo has been talking with Playford Council, Adelaide City Council and Prospect Council about the Cortex technology, with public trials of the first 20 units beginning in 6 weeks.

Cortex is a sweet piece of technology. In essence it’s an aggregation device around which public interaction with smart cities can revolve. 

Sylo is currently showing the Cortex smart city appliance at Telstra Smart Communities Conference in Adelaide. ♦




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