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Alarm.com Water Dragon

Alarm.com Water Dragon is a compact Z-Wave Long Range device that uses ultrasonic technology to detect water leaks excessive water consumption and tracks it on the Alarm.com app.“For years, Alarm.com has been innovating and...

Alarm Sensor Installation Tips

Alarm Sensor Installation TipsAlarm sensor installation tips - Before any security sensors are installed technicians should check to ensure there's been no damage caused by shipping and the same checks should take place during...

Optex Insight Cube PIR Camera

Optex Insight Cube PIR CameraOptex Insight Cube PIR Camera - Optex has released its new InSight Cube Indoor PIR camera, an all-in-one PoE compact PIR-based, monitoring-ready audio and video solution for indoor applications.InSight Cube has...

Digital Signal Processing Alarm Sensors

Benefits Of Digital Signal Processing Alarm Sensors. Digital signal processing alarm sensors - Is digital signal processing in alarm sensors worth having? We would argue a quality analogue PIR is perfect for unchallenging environments like an...

Structural Attack Sensor Considerations

Structural Attack Sensor Considerations Structural Attack Sensor Considerations - What are the considerations of structural attack sensors and could you point us in the direction of any local suppliers?Structural attack sensors fall into a number...

Perimeter Security: Joining Leaky Coax

We’re wondering whether we can link 2 sections of leaky coaxial cable to create a single long zone in a perimeter security application? A: This is a tricky one. Leaky coax – or ported coaxial...

Advantages And Disadvantages Of PIRs

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of PIRs? ♦ Advantages And Disadvantages Of PIRs - Some of the advantages of PIRS include low false alarm rates when compared to microwave and ultrasonic sensors, miniscule power...

Selecting Internal Alarm Sensors

When it comes to selecting internal alarm sensors, what are the features installers should be looking for? Are all internal sensors the same or do some offer superior catch performance and false alarm resistance? What...

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