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Tyco Expands Policy Enforcement, Operational Efficiency with C•CURE 9000 v2.60

TYCO Security Products has released the newest version of its C•CURE 9000 security and event management platform that offers new functionalities for enhanced compliance controls and increased operational efficiency.  

C•CURE 9000 v2.60 incorporates advance access control policy enforcement and customization such as after-hours reader groups, expiring clearances and other usability enhancements features with increased operational efficiency. This latest version of the C•CURE 9000 security and event management platform also supports IPV6 address protocols for the iSTAR Ultra door controller and introduces a new C•CURE 9000 Web Client user interface. 

The platform’s after-hours reader groups allow security officers to funnel access through a central entry point, for example, when disabling all but a single, central entry point in an office building after 5pm. Once the cardholder has passed through the central entry point and has been visually identified by the security officer, the cardholder can access specific areas within the building according to their access privileges. 

Expiring clearances allow end users to assign clearances with expiration dates to individuals for multiple doors/readers, while random screening automates screening selection for airports and other high security areas. Additionally, the two-person and team rule for entry occupancy feature, which is ideal for R&D and government facilities, restricts access to sensitive areas to specific combinations of card holders. And, local time zone awareness for monitoring and reporting. 

The usability enhancements to the C•CURE 9000 v2.60 platform give end users the power to configure the platform to create a new event after a number of consecutive rejections. With this feature, end users can define the threshold for event creation by configuring the number of consecutive retries allowed within a given time period.

The latest version of C•CURE 9000 is complimented with a new Web Client that provides remote access to C•CURE 9000 directly from a computer with an Internet browser. The new web client is based on the RESTful protocol and true web services, and includes a new look GUI and new installation process providing increased operational efficiency.

“The newest version of the C•CURE 9000 incorporates all our customers feedback and inputs. Hence these features are invaluable to our customers and other large establishments such as, critical infrastructures and other large-scale facilities as they automate processes, and provide process and procedure accountability for meeting compliance standards,” said Jason Ouellette, global product line director, access control, Tyco Security Products. ♦

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