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University of Sydney Transforming Facilities Management, Upgrading Security

UNIVERSITY of Sydney is currently undergoing fundamental transformation in the way that operations and maintenance services are delivered across the university precincts. The shift includes a major re-procurement exercise to cover security systems and services.

The re-procurement exercise for hard and soft facilities management services includes:

* Appointment of primary service providers with accountability for the planned maintenance (PM) programs for individual or bundled service packages. Primary service providers may be appointed on a geographical basis at campus level.

* Appointment of panel services providers who will be approved to tender for packages of corrective maintenance or reactive maintenance works or project upgrade works. Primary service providers will automatically be appointed to the panel for each individual service package they are appointed to.

A major re-procurement exercise for security services includes:

* Technical services to cover control room equipment, access control equipment, CCTV, maintenance works and project upgrade works.

* Human resources to cover the provision of labour and equipment to cover typically, patrols, guarding, concierge, emergency response, functions, cash management and parking management. Service Providers may be appointed on a geographical basis at campus level.

Establishment and implementation of a strategic asset management plan (SAMP) and asset management system (AMS) to enhance the university asset management planning and execution processes, to ensure work is prioritised and focused based upon organisational, stakeholder and risk-based priorities, needs and expectations.

The tender closes August 21.

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