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Watch Armour From SCSI

Watch Armour From SCSI Coming To SecTech Roadshow!

Watch Armour From SCSI is coming to SecTech - see it in Brisbane this Tuesday, May 2 at the RICC.

Watch Armour From SCSI Coming To SecTech Roadshow!

Watch Armour From SCSI – Watch Armour from SCSI is a feature-packed bespoke duress and or trouble alert system that’s wearable – you can check it out on the SCSI stand at SecTech – pre-register here.

Specifically designed for any application where threats to staff or persons at a site are probable or imminent. Used extensively within financial institutions, councils, clubs and care Facilities, Watch Armour is used to immediately alert co-workers and or managers of a situation occurring to a staff member – whilst sending the alert with GPS coordinates to a professional monitoring centre for immediate action.

The SCSI team will also be showing off its DirectConnect solution, a secure and reliable 4G Fixed IP Sim service that connects field devices such as CCTV, access control, BMS, medical or any IP device via a secure connection.

SCSI DirectConnect is deployed through a standard 4G router that connects to SCSI’s private and secure network. This enables the 4G router to have a fixed IP address, removing the inconvenience of having to visit the site to reconfigure hardware should the network allocate another IP address to the device as is typically the case. Users can connect to their sites via the web, Software GUI, Android or IOS devices via a secure connection.

Find out how SCSI can enhance your security and your security business and see Watch Armour From SCSI – SecTech opens in Brisbane on May 2, Sydney on May 4, Melbourne on May 9, Adelaide on May 11 and Perth on May 16 – pre-register here and save time with our quick entry kiosks.

You can read more about SCSI here and see more SEN news here.

“Watch Armour From SCSI Coming To SecTech Roadshow!”

Watch Armour From SCSI 2



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