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Yale Unveils Lock for Nest Home Security System

ACCORDING to Yale, the new key-free touchscreen deadbolt smart door lock is the “first that works with Nest product that is controlled using the Nest app.”

“Yale and Nest collaborated closely to develop a lock that brings a new level of security, convenience, and insight to the front door,” says Jason Williams, president, ASSA ABLOY U.S. residential group.

“With this product we are bringing to market a smart door lock that takes full advantage of Nest’s leading ecosystem and extends its capabilities with useful product integrations.”

Yale said the smart lock unlocks and locks doors from anywhere, and it enables homeowners to create passcodes to manage access for family members and guests from the convenience of the Nest app.

Users can set schedules for family members and guests, as well as automatically lock the door when they aren’t home, and they can view a history of who’s entered the door and the time they entered their homes.

When integrated with Nest Secure security system, the Nest x Yale smart door lock can disarm the alarm system, and homeowners with a Nest Hello Video Doorbell and Nest x Yale lock can see who’s at the door and remotely unlock the door to let guests into their homes.

If power and WiFi go down, or the phones become unavailable or dead, the Nest x Yale lock can be opened by using the touchscreen. Nest’s Weave technology also allows the lock to communicate with other Nest products without an Internet connection.

Lock owners will also be notified as the battery life of the lock decreases. Yale adds if the batteries were to go completely dead, the deadbolt can be powered by touching a 9-volt battery to the terminals at the bottom of the lock.


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