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Adani Seeks Mine Security Gatehouse, Gates

Adani Australia is seeking expressions of interest for supply, installation and commissioning of CCM permanent gate house and entrance infrastructure, including gates and bollards to be integrated with an existing access control solution.

The tender description is as follows:

(a) The contractor shall supply all management, supervision, labour, materials, plant and equipment, temporary works and testing necessary for the supply, installation, energisation and commissioning of the CCM permanent gatehouse & facilities.

(i) engineering and design of compliant entrance facility including boom gates and bollards as specified in section 3.3 of this SoW;

(ii) transportation and delivery of the materials & equipment to the Site (excluding current buildings on site);

(iii) supply of all materials and equipment for the construction, installation, energisation and commissioning and;

(iv) demobilisation activities, including but not limited to the removal of waste & rubbish form the work site upon completion of the work.

(b) All work performed by the contractor shall be in accordance with details provided in the Specifications, Drawings, this SoW and other contract documentation.

(c) The works shall include the provision of all personnel, management, supervision, labour, materials, substances, plant, equipment, temporary works, and testing as required unless otherwise provide for in the contract.

(d) The contractor shall be aware of the risks, hazards and operating environment associated with working in a remote site and shall mitigate these risks.

(e) The contractor shall ensure the execution of the works complies with the requirements of the company’s safety and health and environmental management systems and plans.

(f) The contractor shall coordinate their work with the company’s project team and other contractors. This shall include attendance at meetings, provision of detailed work schedules, safety plans, traffic management, safety briefings, access for others and any other matters required.

(g) Excluded scope – 4 buildings already on site, procurement of genset, procurement of security swipe card system & associated software/hardware & material, communication software/hardware & materials.

It shall be noted that this is an EOI only and the detailed scope of work shall be provided during the tender phase.

If your organisation receives a media request for television, radio, social media or other relating to the Adani Carmichael Mine or rail project, you must submit the request to ausmedia@adani.com.au. Any media request must not be provided unless the express written permission of Adani.

This tender closes October 29 – click here for more information.


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