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AJAX Aims At Achilles Heel

AJAX Aims At Achilles Heel With New CCTV Range.

AJAX Aims At Achilles Heel With New CCTV Range.

AJAX Aims At Achilles Heel – AJAX has taken aim at low cost CCTV’s Achilles heel – integration – releasing a range of proprietary CCTV cameras and compact NVRs that slides seamlessly into the company’s proven wireless ecosystem.

According to AJAX, its integrated CCTV range has taken 13 years to go from impossible to what the team describes as ‘designing and manufacturing in the right way’.

The new video surveillance product line features the AJAX TurretCam, BulletCam, and DomeCam Mini that the company said embodies signature Ajax design shapes and are available in white and black colours. The NVRs are available with 8 or 16 inputs.

According to AJAX, its CCTV solutions are built on 3 fundamental principles, including security, speed and an effortless user experience.

AJAX Aims At Achilles Heel 3 LR
AJAX aims at Achilles heel with new CCTV range.

Security comes from password-less authentication via mTLS to prevent fraud, with real-time statuses for instant supervision, and tampers and accelerometers for physical protection of hardware, multi-tiered account security, and extensive privacy.

All AJAX CCTV products are NDAA-compliant and all design, hardware, software, video streaming, built-in AI, picture quality, server-side, apps, and manufacturing are handled by AJAX at its own facilities from scratch.

To ensure speed the AJAX team has developed a proprietary video transmission technology called JetSparrow, which was designed to deliver what AJAX calls an ‘ultra-fast VMS experience’. Meanwhile AI functions are embedded into the cameras with data processing done on the camera side. As a result, AJAX says browsing archives is highly efficient, and the live view initiates without delays.

AJAX Aims At Achilles Heel With New CCTV Range

User experience including installion, setup and management is designed to be simple and intuitive for installers and end users. All the cameras are seamlessly integrated into the AJAX ecosystem and can be easily managed in the AJAX Security System app with no additional tuning.

You can find out more about the AJAX CCTV range here or read more SEN news here.

“AJAX Aims At Achilles Heel With New CCTV Range.”

AJAX Aims At Achilles Heel 2 LR
AJAX aims at Achilles heel with new CCTV range.


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