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BGWT Introduces AMF-SEC

BGWT introduces AMF-SEC From Allied Telesis.

BGWT introduces AMF-SEC From Allied Telesis.

BGWT introduces AMF-SEC – BGW Technologies has introduced AMF-SEC solutions from Allied Telesis, which monitor network assets and report incidents to network administrators.

“Nothing keeps security professionals awake at night like potential for a breach in a customer’s IP surveillance network,” says Mark Shannon, BGW Technologies national product manager.

“Allied Telesis, distributed by BGW Technologies, offers a suite of products that will save you time and money – as well as helping installers and integrators sleep better at night.”

According to Shannon, in recent years, video surveillance and security technology has grown significantly creating incredible flexibility in the way security people are able to monitor assets.

“We really live in such great times from a technological perspective but the benefits networked technology brings makes systems at increased risk of attack pathways that ultimately makes users of surveillance networks vulnerable to incidents such as, distributed denial of service (DDoS) and man in the middle (MitM) attacks, privacy violations, malware installations, and data leaks,” explains Shannon.

“Traditionally a firewall would have been installed as the first and last line of defence against network threats via the internet, and because configuring network devices can be difficult, just one seemingly small mistake could result in an outage or open the network up to vulnerabilities that can be time consuming and costly to fix.”

BGWT introduces AMF-SEC From Allied Telesis

According to Shannon, by implementing Allied Telesis’ product, AMF-Sec (autonomous management framework security), it’s possible to add intelligence to the network, the benefits of which simplify administration, minimise mistakes, and maximise business agility.

BGWT Introduces AMF SEC 3 LR
BGWT introduces AMF-SEC.

“AMF-Sec is an automated cybersecurity controller, or you could say, protector for the switch network,” Shannon says. “It provides network administrators a powerful security tool that works with the firewall to instantly respond to malware breaches and block their ability to move within the network in search of vulnerabilities.

“Blocking threats within both wired and wireless networks, AMF-Sec allows users to automate their endpoint security to undertake management activities, such as control access by user, location and time, and create whitelists of known devices, and create event rules to name but a few. Best of all, it provides immediate isolation in the instance of suspected threats, reducing the possibility of a successful cyberattack.

BGWT introduces AMF-SEC From Allied Telesis

Shannon explains that automation of this capability is handled by AMF-Plus, and end user management is easy using Vista Manager EX. AMF-plus is a suite of management tools that allow for centralised management, auto-backup, auto-upgrades, auto-provisioning, auto-recovery, plug-and play networking, and zero-touch management of AMF-Sec.

BGWT Introduces AMF SEC 4 LR
BGWT introduces AMF-SEC.

“Vista Manager EX is the GUI or front end which provides visual access to map and manage the network,” he explains. “The functionality is endless, giving the network administrator complete control over the set up and execution of the security network.

“Network map views enable proactive visual management. The color-coded traffic view provides real-time visual status of network utilization and bandwidth across all links. Flow shows protocol use through the network.”

According to Shannon, installers and integrators should never wait for attackers to find vulnerabilities.

“Talk to your customers about the implementation of an intelligent cybersecurity solution like Allied Telesis AMF-Sec security suite,” Shannon says. “It could be the one thing that differentiates you from the rest.”

BGW Technologies Port Melbourne Branch invites installers to attend its upcoming in-branch, Allied Telesis Lunch and Learn, which includes information on AMF-Sec, on Wednesday November 22. Contact the branch on 03 9646 2033 (vicsales@bgwt.com.au) to book.

You can find out more about BGW Technologies here or read more SEN news here.

BGWT Introduces AMF-SEC Functionality

AMF-Sec Controller:

Automates internal network security
Maximizes application availability
Improves end-user experience
Reduces management costs
Improves end-user experience
Reduces management costs.

AMF Plus:

Handles the automation piece
Zero-touch management.

Vista Manager:

Interface providing visibility of surveillance network.

“BGWT introduces AMF-SEC From Allied Telesis.”

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BGWT Introduces AMF-SEC 4




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