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AJAX Releases Outlet Jeweller

AJAX Releases Outlet Jeweller Smart Wall Socket.

AJAX Releases Outlet Jeweller Smart Wall Socket.

AJAX Releases Outlet Jeweller – AJAX has released the Outlet Jeweller smart wall socket power consumption monitor and control with safety features.

Outlet Jeweller is controlled via Ajax apps on smart phones, with automation scenarios including security mode change reactions, scheduled actions, alarm reactions, and reactions to temperature/CO2/humidity changes.

Outlet allows users to turn on floor heating, boiler, and heater by schedule, or turn off all electrical appliances if Ajax fire detectors or water leak prevention devices are triggered. It’s also possible to activate the air conditioner if the room temperature exceeds a set temperature, or to turn off the iron when the system is armed.

The device also allows power consumption tracking and control over power usage in the app for greater efficiency, real-time device status updates via notifications, and it delivers remote-control capabilities from anywhere with an Internet connection.

AJAX Releases Outlet Jeweller 3 LR
AJAX releases Outlet Jeweller.

Outlet is an assembled device consisting of a relay, a transparent frame, and a colour face panel. This design allows an electrician to assemble Outlet in the required configuration. The transparent frame can feature up to 5 seats, and the frame is combined with relays and face panels according to interior design.

AJAX Releases Outlet Jeweller Smart Wall Socket

Face panel variations include solo, central buttons, and side buttons and outlet can be used separately, or combined with LightSwitch switches and installed in the same frame. Outlet is designed to replace any existing built-in outlet seamlessly, so this device is compatible with standard mounting boxes. An electrician needs 5-10 minutes to replace it, including dismantling and mounting.

The hardware incorporates a touch-sensitive button for manual control, overcurrent and overheating protection, and there’s LED indication of operation state. Communication range is up to 1100m range with an Ajax hub via Jeweller radio protocol.

Outlets can be used separately or combined with LightSwitch smart switches and installed into the frame. Devices have the same frame design and colour shade, with white available and another 8 colours available soon.

AJAX Releases Outlet Jeweller 2 LR
AJAX releases Outlet Jeweller.

Outlet protects appliances from sudden power surges that can heat components and wires in electronic appliances and cause them to burn out. Outlet interrupts power supply to appliances and electronics in case of under and overvoltage.

The device features a grounding contact to prevent electric shock and overheating protection to reduce the risk of fires. For instance, if the temperature exceeds 95C, the outlet will automatically turn off and send a notification to the app.

Safety shutters prevent children from accessing the outlet and sticking fingers or objects inside. They also protect the device from dust and splashes. The outlet monitors the power consumption of the connected device: current, voltage, and energy consumption and can show energy vampires, and the device’s built-in non-volatile memory stores all generated data.

You can learn more about AJAX Outlet here, contact local suppliers for release dates, or read more SEN news here.

“AJAX Releases Outlet Jeweller Smart Wall Socket.”

AJAX Releases Outlet Jeweller 4 LR
AJAX releases Outlet Jeweller.


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