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Alarm Automation Sought For TfNSW Northern Tunnels Fire Systems and OMCS

Tenders are invited to complete and document a review of alarms generated from tunnel systems for the Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) Northern region tunnels and the Regional Traffic Operations Centre (RTOC).

This project requires the development of a tunnel systems alarm review report which analyses and documents current system alarms generated by existing tunnel systems including:

* St Helena OMCS (SIDERA)
* St Helena tunnel fire system
* Tugun TMCS (Meridian)
* Tugun tunnel fire system
* Tugun PMCS (Citec SCADA).

Tenderers must research, identify and document standards, including Australian Standards, TfNSW Specifications and Austroad Guidelines etc, associated with alarms and best practice pertaining to alarm management. They must then review and identify system alarm duplication and alarm interface between respective OMCS and fire systems. And they must identify and document critical systems or devices that do not have an associated alarm in accordance with standards.

Next, they must develop and document alarm priority and/or classifications, and analyse the human-machine interface pertaining to all system alarms including:

* Development of an alarm naming convention
* Cross referencing current alarm descriptions recommending improved descriptions to better describe the specific alarm meaning
* Cross referencing existing alarm visual annunciations and recommending changes aligning to alarm priorities and standards
* Cross referencing alarm audible sounds recommending changes aligning to alarm priorities and standards
* Review and document alarms that should be suppressed by design
* Review and document alarm consequences by specific alarms or alarm priority/groups
* Identify and recommend opportunities for improvement
* Identify risks and recommend mitigation strategies.

All tenderers must comply with the New South Wales Government’s Procurement Policy Framework (NSW Framework), Supplier Code of Conduct (NSW Code) and New South Wales Industrial Relations Guidelines: Building and Construction Procurement (NSW Guidelines).

Copies of the NSW Framework and NSW Code are available at www.buy.nsw.gov.au. The NSW Guidelines are available at www.industrialrelations.nsw.gov.au.

This tender closes on October 21 – you can find out more here.


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