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Alcatraz AI Autonomous Access

Alcatraz AI Autonomous Access

♦ Alcatraz AI Autonomous Access – Alcatraz AI has developed an autonomous access control solution called the Rock, which uses 3D facial authentication and AI.

Alcatraz Rock was developed by former Apple engineers involved with FaceID. It offers self-enrolment powered by AI, and senses tailgating, and integrates easily with existing access control solutions.

The California-based company said its solution offers autonomous access control through facial authentication technology incorporating artificial intelligence, data analytics, and the individuality of the human face.

With features like multifactor authentication, identity verification, tailgating detection, and video at the door and turnstile, the Alcatraz AI Rock is designed to make it easy for companies to create secure spaces.

With 3D facial mapping and deep neural networks, the Rock can authenticate users in real-time. Combining 2 or more authentication factors adds a layer of protection to a restricted area in a zero-trust environment.

Powered by machine learning at the door, the Rock ensures real-time authentication and secure access control. Designed to alert if an unauthorized person enters, the system sends real-time notifications to the access control and video management system.

According to the company, Alcatraz AI’s dual-factor authentication access control offers critical protection required to secure high security sites, like data centres.


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