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Amazon Home Automation, Security Store Opens

Online retailing behemoth Amazon has just launched the Amazon Home Automation Store, a chunk of its website dedicated to the connected home.

The Amazon Home Automation Store launched with more than 1000 products, including lighting, home monitoring, security, temperature control, energy management, and entertainment systems. 

Products include the Nest Learning Thermostat and Belkin WeMo, as well as several other lighting, home monitoring, security, temperature control, energy management and entertainment systems.

While this may sounds scary on the surface, the impact of Amazon going direct will depend on which major manufacturer is prepared to lose the support of its installer customers first. At the moment it seems there are not too many prepared to take that step. 

On the surveillance side manufacturers supplying certain products to Amazon direct include DLink, Logitech, Cisco-Linksys, Uniden, Zmodo, SVAT, Lorex, Defender and Swann. None of these manufacturers is setting the world alight technically. It's about price and simplicity.  

In terms of access control there's standalone electronic locking gear from Schalage, Yale, Kwikset and Baldwin. But the alarms cupboard looks a little bare. There's Insteon, Z-Wave, SVAT and a few others doing simple things with PIRs but nothing impressive.  

Amazon says it launched the store as a way to accommodate the growing need for connected home solutions. Besides the products, Amazon also plans to feature buying guides and educational videos. The company is offering free Super Saver Shipping on many of the connected home products, as well as fast, free shipping for Amazon Prime customers.


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