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What a difference a decade makes

When SE&N was launched in October 1998 it was specifically targeted at the electronic security industry in Australia and that focus...

Compressions Achilles heel

Sure you’ve got brilliant images on the subnet but there’s only one way you’re going to get the bloody things...

Central Security Distribution

Q: Can you tell us exactly who is behind Central Security Distribution?A: The people behind CSD are Vin Lopes, Doug...

All change

Yes, that’s right. At present there’s no question that most digital surveillance systems are a local proposition only – despite significant...

Whats The Future of CCTV

Q: Vlado, I can’t help feeling we’re at a cross roads for CCTV. Some of the things on the...

Our Open Systems Paradox

MY starting point for these maunderings was ONVIF’s recent release of Profile S, a series of introductions designed to...

A year to remember

At all levels of the industry, multiple technologies are in a battle to death. On one hand DVRs, NVRs and Flash...

The power of one

But over the past 5 years things have changed significantly. A plethora of highly flexible security management systems from companies like...

2012: Push Out The Old, Welcome The New

Last year we heard solutions labelled with openness which remained challenging to bring together meaningfully. We met new acronyms...

Security Electronics Market Midpoint, 2011

Another key element of 2011 is the strength of the local currency, which is now proving to be a...
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