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Anixter & CSD Distributing Hanwha in Australia

ANIXTER and CSD are now distributing Hanwha CCTV products in Australia.

“The Samsung CCTV brand both globally and in Australia is well recognised and respected amongst the security industry,” said Mark Edwards, general manager products and marketing at CSD.

“What is not widely known is the acquisition of Samsung Techwin by Hanwha, a global giant with over USD$50bn turnover. The Anixter group of companies has distribution of Hanwha in many regions around the world and Hanwha has now aligned with them in Australia, which also incorporates CSD.”

Raj Singh, Regional Vice President-South Pacific for Anixter said Hanwha offers the company an opportunity to enter into the small to medium market with a quality world-renowned brand.

“There are many opportunities where we have not had a product and now Hanwha allows us to fill this void,” Singh said. “Samsung has always had a great reputation for quality and performance and is still widely used in Australia. We are looking forward to the challenge in promoting the Samsung Hanwha transition and take this professional product portfolio to the market. Our first stocking orders have arrived, and we are ready to take Hanwha to the market.

“Understanding the size of Hanwha globally helps us understand why there was a name change in the CCTV systems from Samsung Techwin to Hanwha Wisenet. It is Hanwha’s development of their own specialised processors that define a unique set of features that sets them apart from other manufacturers who all use the same common place componentry,” he said.

According to Edwards, the Samsung product range has been used in many major projects and government installations over the years and it was these successes that enticed Hanwha to acquire the technology, the company and the entire Samsung R&D team.

“As part of the acquisition of Samsung Techwin, Hanwha also acquired Samsung General Chemical which is a petrochemical company, Samsung Total an oil refinery and Samsung Thales, which specialises in defence,” Edwards said. “It is not known to many, but Hanwha is also the largest manufacturer of solar cells in the world, has a division that builds cities and is Korea’s largest insurer.”

Hanwha Wisenet products are now available from Anixter and CSD Australia-wide.


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