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Apple Buys Smart Security Camera, Duplex Voice, Monitoring System Patents

APPLE has acquired multiple patents from failed AI CCTV developer Lighthouse AI, according to IAM patent tracker.

The patents are interesting to say the least – they cover areas like visual authentication, low light image capture, speech interface and 2-way communications for CCTV cameras and a system to share incidents via a monitoring system.

Until now, Apple has limited its engagement with the smart home industry through integration with its smart devices, including Apple TV, iPhone and Apple Watch, but the patent purchases could signal a strategic shift.

Lighthouse AI patents acquired by Apple include:

* 9,965,612: Method and system for visual authentication
* 10,009,554: Method and system for using light emission by a depth-sensing camera to capture video images under low-light conditions
* 20180246964: Speech interface for vision-based monitoring system
* 20180367962: Two-way communication interface for vision-based monitoring system
* 20180374325: Method and system for incident sharing in a monitoring system.

There are arguments that the alarm and home automation market is not the perfect fit for Apple, which is intensely proprietary. But the loyalty of its core customers, the longevity of its hardware and the intuitive nature of its interfaces are undeniable. Ω


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