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ARA Distributing CCTV’s Lowlight Champion, Sony SNC-VB770

ISCS, part of ARA Products, is now distributing CCTV’s leading low light surveillance camera, the full frame Sony SNC-VB770 4K.

“This camera essentially lets you see in the dark, without the need for infrared illuminators or any additional lighting – it’s amazing,” said Stuart Harmer, managing director of ARA Products.

Citing its capacity to deliver cost reducing solutions, Harmer said the Sony VB770 was a game changer for customers in the CCTV market.

“It’s very easy to sell low-priced CCTV cameras into the marketplace – they’re a commodity and their features are comparable. But to really make a difference in this market is hard,” Harmer said. “The Sony VB770 offers the end user a lot of functionality – it’s a high-end yet cost effective solution.”

According to Mark Franklin, Sony Video Security Solutions’ technical product manager, the VB770 is unique in its capacity to enable smooth colour video in minimum illumination.

“The VB770 features ultra-high sensitivity, offering full colour, even in a pitch black environment,” Franklin said. “The 4K high resolution is a video broadcast standard rather than a megapixel still image format, which provides native resolution, in widescreen (16:9) format and real time frame rates. The 35mm full frame sensor captures more light, so the image doesn’t need to be amplified so much – other cameras have smaller pickups, requiring the image to be amplified many times, resulting in a noisy, grainy image.”

“The challenge for surveillance cameras in the past was providing high resolution colour images in low light or darkness – in these conditions, a thermal camera would normally be used which allows the detection of movement with thermal imaging,” Franklin said. “The Sony VB770 is unique in that it now allows you to identify, rather than just detect.

“The camera brings new functionality to protecting perimeters, shorelines and infrastructure. Our customers include highly secure government properties monitoring critical infrastructure, as well as industry clients, including logistics and shipping, monitoring large warehouses. In addition, key infrastructure sites such as airports, which require effective perimeter monitoring.”

“Perimeter monitoring of the past usually meant installing lots of lighting around perimeter fencing, which is expensive for businesses – not just in terms of installation but in lifetime running costs. The Sony VB770 provides a cost-effective solution to monitor perimeters without additional light.”

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