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Armstrong Intelligent Security Installs Bosch CCTV For Northpower NZ

Armstrong Intelligent Security has installed a video surveillance solution for Northpower’s sprawling East Tamaki site in Auckland, which was experiencing regular break-ins.

Northpower operates and maintains the electricity and fibre networks in the Whangarei and Kaipara region in New Zealand. Additionally, the company provides services to other network owners and operators. This means owning a substantial stable of expensive capital and service equipment located at a large, fenced site, with an office, workshop, and storage facilities.

Multiple challenges were identified as part of a collaboration between Bosch distributor, Connect Security Products, and integrator Armstrong Intelligent Security. These included gaps in video security coverage around the perimeter and areas of interest, programming and use of video analytics to protect expensive equipment, managing multiple sites across the North Island from one operator control station. Other issues including management of OHS compliance, for instance, proof of high visibility vest use in certain areas, managing staff flow after hours and integrating new equipment with the legacy system.

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After listening to Northpower’s requirements and conducting an onsite security assessment, CSP and Armstrong outlined a security surveillance system based on coverage, functionality, lighting, and legacy system integration. It was proposed that Bosch AUTODOME cameras with Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) are used to monitor and deter intrusion incidences, and also, help manage some operational aspects.

The AUTODOME family includes starlight cameras that provide quality colour images even at very low light levels. Additional advantages include intelligent bitrate management and H.265 compression to reduce bandwidth by up to 80 per cent without loss of image quality. Lastly, IVA and Camera Trainer provide powerful video analytics and machine learning capabilities.

The management system is the Bosch BVMS Viewer, which is a scalable solution that grows with the user’s needs. It’s easy to install, includes motion and forensic search, and features live and playback with dynamic transcoding to ensure the smallest possible bandwidth requirements.

To help with the entire process and to fully understand the power of the proposed system, Northpower’s decision-makers visited CSP’s Product Experience Centre, where Bosch Video Systems with IVA were put through their paces to illustrate what they can achieve.

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CSP supported Armstrong Intelligent Security throughout the implementation, ensuring the camera placement, lens selection, camera settings, video management functionality, and video analytics were perfectly set up for the required tasks. Northpower facility management and security staff were also expertly trained in the operation of the new video security system.

According to the Armstrong Intelligent Security team, the results of the new security infrastructure at the Northpower site speak for themselves. The site went from experiencing up to 2 burglaries a month, to zero. Additional benefits in occupational health and safety, as well as after-hours staff security, were also realised.

“CSP and Armstrong’s were great and from the outset they listened to our issues and provided a tailored solution,” said Bryan Hoskins, stores operations manager, Northpower. “The ability to view the products in CSP’s experience room helped us feel confident about their product and solution.”


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