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Astuto From Seadan & Sprint

Astuto From Seadan & Sprint

Astuto From Seadan & Sprint – Astuto from Seadan & Sprint is an encryption method that services the SL range of readers in the U-Prox Smart Innovations range, a well-established brand of readers, manufactured in Europe using European encryption technology.

According to Tony Lagan, manager at Seadan Parramatta, options include keypad/reader and the popular reader-only options, which he said demonstrate great value with their limited lifetime warranty.

“Being both Wiegand compatible and format agnostic, the customer is able to access a number of different formats while using the U-Prox Smart Innovations readers including Bluetooth and NFC capabilities,” Lagan said.

“Coupled with the new level of encryption that Astuto offers as a service to this range of readers, this delivers long term peace of mind from a security, longevity, and total cost of ownership perspective.”

The Astuto encryption is a 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) format, which uses a symmetric block cipher algorithm that goes through a series of 10 rounds shifting rows and columns of plaintext before converting it to ciphertext and delivering that ciphertext as the output.

When it comes to security levels, 128-bit AES has roughly 340 undecillion (340 trillion trillion trillion or 1, followed by 36 zeros) different combination/key possibilities which means that, when placing 128-bit encryption over the top of a standard 26 or 64-bit format, the chances of unintentional duplication are essentially infinitely less likely.

“Unique to the Astuto offer is its pre-encrypted kits, available off the shelf at Seadan and Sprint stores to integrators – these include 2 readers, pre-formatted credentials and everything required to enable an Astuto-encrypted site,” Lagan said.

“This means that there are no wait times on taking your site’s security to the next level – you can get started today with an Astuto AnyPanel kit. There’s also a B6 kit, which is specifically designed to work with the Bosch 6000 integrated access and alarm platform.

To get the benefit of Astuto, simply purchase a kit, complete the registration card, place an order for the remainder of the readers/credentials required and expect next day delivery if ordered before midday.

“Given the limited availability of some of the other products typically available in the encrypted readers space” Lagan said. “Astuto comes together with the Smart Innovations’ reader range to provide a readily available and highly secure option for integrators today.”

For more information contact your nearest Seadan or Sprint branch.

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