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Australian Digital Health Agency Seeks IT Security Consultant

AUSTRALIAN Digital Health Agency is seeking a security consultant to plan, design, develop and conduct a desktop cyber security real-time critical incident exercise. 

The desktop exercise should invoke the security incident management process for the My Health Record System, including all parties involved in a significant cyber security incident.

1. Designing desktop exercise:

* Project management plan 
* Scoping of incident triggering appropriate incident response. 
* Identification of key stakeholders. 
* Design realistic cyber security incident on the My Health Record System. 
* Define metrics to assess the effectiveness of the response process. 

2. Conduct the exercise 

* Managing injects as appropriate. 
* Preventing exercise escape. 
* Providing situation updates. 
* Moderating discussions.
* Documenting the exercise conduct. 

3. Close Out report: 

* Detail response process, gaps, findings and areas of improvement to the incident response process. 
* Document observations and key findings.

The tender closes on August 16, 2017. ♦


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