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Axis Integrator Survey Finds COVID Recovery Top Concern

Axis’ Partner Integrator Survey, which includes data from 455 security business leaders from across the U.S. found economic recovery was the top concern for security integration businesses, with 67 per cent of responders most worried about this aspect of the future.

Key findings of the survey include that 58 per cent of end users are prepared to explore IP solutions and 45 per cent believe AI acceptance will accelerate because of COVID-19, meanwhile 49 per cent were most worried about supply chain management, 37 per cent were worried about losing customers and 30 per cent fretted over shifting business models.

Importantly, 70 per cent of security integrators continued to work as usual through the U.S. pandemic, though 53 per cent said they had experienced a decrease in business, while 28 per cent of business leaders said they were investing in digital transformation of workflows to support new, remote business operations.

Security professionals said 57 per cent of end users were most worried about economic recovery, 43 per cent were worried about human resources, 42 per cent worried about remote functionality, 25 per cent were concerned about TCO, and 19 per cent worried about cybersecurity.

Security professionals said end users needed to focus on remote monitoring to reduce personal contact (49 per cent); access control for contactless entry (49 per cent); the adoption of analytics for crowd management (335 per cent); reduce high-traffic areas with heat-mapping solutions (32 per cent); and curbside pickup with analytics (23 per cent).

“The pandemic demonstrated a clear understanding that technologies that support business continuity and employee safety should be top of mind for everyone within the organization, not just security professionals,” says Fredrik Nilsson, vice president of Americas, Axis Communications.

“Our study revealed the resourcefulness of professionals within the industry as well as the flexibility of IP solutions and our partner ecosystem. Accordingly, there’s a clear interest in, and increased acceptance around, the potential for integrated solutions that solve long-term security needs, enhance business operations and address health and safety measures.”


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