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BGW Technologies to Distribute Imagus Facial Recognition

BGW Technologies is now distributing facial recognition solutions from Brisbane-based Imagus, a developer of advanced intelligent surveillance, image analysis and computer vision technologies.

Working with Imagus means having access to international expertise and leading image and face processing technologies that provide the most accurate matching in difficult capture conditions.

“This is an exciting time for both our companies” says Robert Meachem, general manager for BGW Technologies. “We are a company that values our customers’ needs and as Facial recognition is gaining acceptance in all verticals, partnering with Imagus that has locally developed this advanced technology with exceptional value is just simply fantastic.

“In these times of security awareness, focussing on real solutions and solving customer problems is where we shine best. In fact, while Imagus can be a standalone product, its real benefit is its integration capabilities, such as its deep integration into the Milestone VMS platform which to the operator appears as one seamless application. When we, BGW Technologies and Imagus, put our skill sets together as 2 proud Australian-owned companies, the customer is the winner.”

Fraser Larcombe from Imagus is also pleased with the distribution agreement.

“Partnering with BGW Technologies is an ideal fit for us as their team are skilled for focussing on real solutions and solving customer problems,” Larcombe said.

“Our technology is very exciting and we are looking forward to providing the industry with what we believe is a point of difference to facial recognition. Together with BGW Technologies we can achieve real industry benefits.”

Larcombe said Imagus’ facial recognition technology delivers accurate results for facial detection, matching and recognition through advanced algorithms, even with poorly lit, poor quality, angled or obstructed samples.


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