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Biometrics Growing Towards $US11 Billion

Biometrics Growing Towards $US11 Billion

Biometrics growing towards $US11 billion – Consumer biometrics will grow at 10 per cent to a market value of $US11 billion by 2027, according to the ‘Biometrics for Consumer 2022’ report from Yole Group, with new sensor technologies including short wave infrared and optical thin film transistors driving growth.

Yole argues that because the smartphone market for biometrics is saturated, the future of the biometry industry will depend on the outcome of the battle between under-display FPS and face recognition – a battle that will impact on the nature, cost and acceptance of biometrics in electronic security applications.

Yole said under-display sensors already maximize screen-to-body ratio and the industry is now pushing to develop full-screen FPSs, as they improve accuracy and provide extra-functionalities to the phone, along with multi-fingerprint sensing. It will be difficult to design full-screen fingerprint sensors based on optical CMOS technologies and Yole expects new technologies, like optical thin film transistors (TFT), to be reliable and cost-effective solutions.

For face recognition, Yole believes 3D sensors will be integrated under the display in the future to survive the screen-to-body ratio trend. To do so, a major transformation of the industry could take place, shifting the IR wavelength from near IR to short wavelength IR. This will demand development of SWIR imagers with different technologies available, including InGaAs, SiGe, quantum dots, and organic photodetectors (OPDs).

According to Yole, the fingerprint sensor (FPS) market will keep growing thanks to ever-increasing penetration in smartphones, along with other end-systems like laptops, tablets, and smart door locks. Thanks to the replacement of traditional capacitive technology by under-display solutions, revenues will grow with a 13 per cent CAGR 21-27.

With all Android players shifting back to fingerprint biometrics, only Apple kept using face recognition in 2021. However, Yole expects Android players to return to face recognition solutions, leading to a $7B market in 2027.

The iris scanning market vanished back in 2019, when Samsung stopped integrating scanners into its smartphones. However, Yole expects that market to reach $50M in 2027, thanks to new end-systems featuring iris scanning.

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