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Bosch Alarm Panel Trade-in Offer Extended

Seadan and Sprint’s recent exclusive offer of a 10 per cent credit to the value of any alarm system upgraded to Bosch has been continued until the end of the year.

“Our customers have been very enthusiastic and supportive about the offer, so for that reason we have decided to continue it until the 31st of December,” said Stan Asenberger, group marketing manager – Seadan Group.

“We have backed Bosch as the company’s focus for our range of alarm products and we feel that the extension of this offer shows our commitment to supporting the industry’s most reputable brand in alarm products.

“We see the Bosch alarm and intrusion detection as second to none, and being locally sourced, our customers will receive product in no time at all, even in large quantities. Having access to products quickly and easily is essential for our customers and is something we constantly strive to deliver for them.

“To take advantage of this exclusive offer, our customers need to simply purchase a Bosch alarm system from a Seadan or Sprint store. Then for the trade in offer, return the keypad from the old alarm system to the store of purchase along with a photo of the new Bosch system, and they will receive a 10 per cent credit on the cost of the Bosch replacement products. It’s really that simple.

According to Asenberger, this trade in offer is exclusive to account holders only, however, he says if a customer currently doesn’t hold an account, they can speak with the people at their local store to set one up.

“Then you, too, can be rewarded for upgrading to the most trusted alarm brand in the industry,” he said.

For more information, contact your local Seadan or Sprint store, or click here.



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