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Bosch Autodome IP Starlight 5100i AI PTZ

Bosch Autodome IP starlight 5100i IR is a PTZ camera with a new 1/1.8-inch sensor offering IVA, 4MP resolution and 30x optical zoom.

Autodome IP starlight 5100i IR offers HDR X combined with starlight technology and integrated IR and white light designed to individuals or objects for identification or proof. Externally rated, the camera includes an automatic rain-sensing wiper to maintain clear images during wet conditions, is IP66 rated against water and dust, and is vandal resistant with IK10 housing.

Bosch’s Essential Video Analytics offer insights like the detection of moving objects help to create sterile zones, which establishes a boundary prohibiting any activity. These sterile zones enhance perimeter protection of buildings, parking lots and restricted areas, increasing overall safety. The camera’s AI can also make it possible to retrieve the right footage from hours of stored video instantly and analyze the scene by providing different statistics so an operator can act faster and more efficiently to potential threats.

Autodome IP starlight 5100i IR offers HDR X combined with starlight technology and dual illumination to capture usable images 24/7. The new HDR X technology has a dynamic range of up to 133 dB to eliminate motion-related artefacts in scenes with challenging lighting conditions and moving objects during the daytime. In low-light scenes, starlight technology provides clear and relevant images with colour filtering down to 0.010 lux.

At night the camera’s white light has the ability to assist generation of full-colour images up to 60m from the lens, while integrated IR illumination can help identify objects in monochrome up to 300 metres, thanks to the built-in intelligent IR beam. The visible white light acts as a deterrent to intrusion, loitering and other undesirable activities in city surveillance settings.

All Bosch IP cameras are secure by design, a systematic approach centered on a built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM), safely storing all certificates and keys needed for authentication and encryption. This method offers extensive user management to ensure only authorized users have access to data, supports a Public Key Infrastructure set-up, and provides software sealing to detect changes in the cameras’ configuration settings.


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