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Carrier VE735AM From Ness

Carrier VE735AM From Ness

♦ Carrier VE735AM From Ness – the SCEC-endorsed VE735AM is an Interlogix motion sensor that uses the company’s V²E technology. This product uses the PIR part of VE735 together with multi-channel anti masking to deliver vector pattern recognition of intrusion events, significantly reducing false alarms.

The sensor has a detection range of 60 or 20 metres, undercrawl protection, 86-degree field of view, mounting height of 1.8-3 metres, 9-15V DC voltage range, 20mA current consumption, alarm relay, tamper relay, AM relay, remote control walk test and day/night, alarm memory, settable PIR processor, dimensions are 93 x 175 x 66mm (W x H x D) and operating temperature is -10 to +55C.

The optical part of the VE735AM is identical to the VE735. The step and glide focus mirror with multi curtains are features unique to UTC Fire & Security to provide maximum coverage density and ensure easy installation. With the High-Density Optic (HDO) mirror, the VE700AM series will provide you with more and wider curtains (and therefore untraceable detection gaps). The VE735AM is the only AM
motion detector on the market that can offer both 90° wide angle and long-range detection pattern in one product.

VE735AM uses 5 IR transmitters and receivers working in different frequencies. This results in various AM signals for the sensor. The AM circuit will not be triggered by the magnitude of modified light on each channel but with the relationship between the various signals. The multi channels AM technology makes VE735AM capable of detecting any AM attempt, up to 30 cm from the detector. VE735AM is also immune to partial masking attempts, system malfunctions, insect presence, and white light jamming.

Other VE735AM features, like chime mode and settings are identical to the VE735. The VE700 allows installers to determine the direction
of the intruder across the surveillance area. When chime mode is on, the VE700 can trigger an alarm when an intruder walks
from either left-to-right or right-to-left. The sensitivity settings (low, standard and high) ensure the best performance for most
applications. The sensitivity level can be easily modified with a jumper.

All active and electronics components of the VE735AM are monitored constantly to report the unlikely event of a defect. Meanwhile, the plug-in concept ensures easy installation without any worry about damaging the sensor so all setting can be done conveniently in your hand. The VE710 laser alignment tool is the recommended tool to use during installation for aligning the sensors in long corridor applications.

Options include the VE735AM PIR/AM detector with 11 curtains and 1 curtain of 20m and 60m with an NC Relay. Next is the VE735 PIR detector with 11 curtains and 1 curtain of 20m and 60m with an NC Relay. Finally, there’s the VE710 Laser beam, long-range alignment tool for VE700 family and the SB01 Wall/ceiling mount bracket (± 45º horizontal, 0º or -5º vertical).

Contact Ness for more information about Interlogix sensors.

Features of the VE735AM include:

• Passive Infra Red motion sensor
• Multi channel Anti Masking for all masking attempt
• High density Step & Gliding Focus Multi Curtain mirror
• Plug-in electronics
• Sealed optics
• Vector Verified Enhanced detection algorithm
• Selectable range with full undercrawl detection
• Selectable AM reporting and resetting
• 3 alarm sensitivities
• No adjustment required for different mounting heights
• Tolerates wall angle deviation
• Pry-off and cover tamper
• Complies with EN50131-2-2 Grade 2/3
• Several European approvals
• SCEC Approved to SL3 (SEEPL
* EN50131-2-2 Grade 3 compliance.

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