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Convergint Partners With Verkada

Convergint Partners With Verkada To Offer Cloud Platform.

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Convergint Partners With Verkada To Offer Cloud Platform.

Convergint Partners With Verkada – Security integrator Convergint has partnered with cloud-based enterprise building security and managed services platform Verkada.

It’s a far-sighted move from 2 of the security industry’s most dynamic players, enhancing Verkada’s reach at the top end of town, while giving Convergint’s huge client base considerable choice in cloud-based solutions, an area of the electronic security market set for massive growth.

It’s also a move that will attract the attention of traditional manufacturers in the areas of access control, alarms, automation, video surveillance, analytics and communications.

“Convergint is focused on being our customers’ best service provider,” said Joe Young, vice president of partnerships and alliances for Convergint.

“By enabling security incident reduction, improving response time, and optimizing threat management, Verkada’s cloud platform supports making the world safer for our customers and communities – we’re excited to work closely with Verkada to deliver these solutions to our global customers.”

Convergint Partners With Verkada 3.jpg LR
Convergint Partners With Verkada 3

Convergint Partners With Verkada To Offer Cloud

Verkada’s cloud-based building security and management platform has grown and evolved since the company was founded in 2016. Today, more than 19,000 customers across 70 countries leverage Verkada’s 6 product lines, including video security cameras, door-based access control, environmental sensors, alarms, intercoms and workplace management.

“We have long admired Convergint and are delighted that today we can partner with their team to enhance safety in the communities we serve together,” said Filip Kaliszan, CEO of Verkada.

“They have created a strong, service-focused culture and consistently live up to their mission to be customers’ best service providers.”

Convergint has more than 9000 employees across more than 200 locations globally, and is arguably the fastest the growing electronic security integrator in multiple world markets.

Meanwhile, Verkada, which was written off as a flash-in-the-pan by traditional manufacturers when it launched in 2016, was valued at $US3.2 billion last September, and continues a trajectory of exponential growth.

You can find out more about Convergint here, learn more about Verkada here, or read more SEN news here.

“Convergint Partners With Verkada To Offer Cloud Platform.”

Convergint Partners With Verkada.jpg LR
Convergint partners with Verkada to offer cloud solutions.
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