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Crestron Biometric Fingerprint Door Entry With ekey

CRESTRON has partnered with ekey Biometric Systems GmbH, a leading provider of fingerprint access control solutions.

Integrators can now offer convenient one-touch door entry to their automation and security systems, according to the company. Fingerprint door entry enhances security by eliminating hackable 4-digit codes and the possibility of key or access card forgery. ekey’s intelligent software detects the growth of childrens’ fingers, minor injuries and habit changes.

The Crestron platform also enables building control systems to track visitors. Integration with Crestron allows dealers to create custom tools to help users administer ekey-based access controls, for example, through a Crestron touchscreen.
Multiple fingerprints from individual users can be captured to trigger different events.

ekey products are currently compatible with Crestron 3-Series control systems with a RS485 COM port, and SIMPL Windows software. Crestron says advantages of fingerprint door access include key is always with you, maximum protection against forgery, more secure than 4-digit codes, impossible for access to be passed on (unlike with an access card or key), software detects growth of kids’ fingers.

Distributor: Crestron ANZ
Contact: 1800 555 040




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